Jet packin' Royal Marines board a ship like Iron Man

TBF the lads on the Tamar have got gyro-stabilised autocannon, GMPGs and a couple of miniguns at their disposal. I’m sure they could fill the air with enough lead to take out one of these jetpackers quite easily

Oh to be sure. But it kinda escalates the weaponry a pirate would have to bring along, knowing that jet-pack fighters could swoop in. Not too many portable and affordable gyro-stabilized weapon systems out there.


Looking at some of the ways cargo ships defend themselves against pirates, I wonder how this pack could stand up to some of the processes the cargo ships use?


TIL Tom Ellis is Timothy Dalton’s clone


Out of stock, dammit!


Flight time is 5 to 10 minutes. Stave them of with fire hoses for a couple of minutes and they’ll have to go back to refuel.


Your confidence in the sharp-shooting abilities of the typically brigand might be a tad misplaced.


It appears that a soldier’s ability to hit a given target is typically reduced by a factor of ten or so when he is moved from a static rifle range to a field firing area where he has to select cover, move, shoot and so on. It is reduced by a further factor of ten or so if there is an enemy firing back at him. It is reduced by another factor of ten if the enemy has machine guns, or if he has tanks; and by a hundred if he has both.


Well, it was “never get involved in a land war in Asia”…

Seriously though, I agree. People are talking about this as if it’s some sort of new cold war. I don’t think this is leading to war. If it was then, like the real cold war, it would be the end of all of us anyway.


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