Jet pilot over the alcohol limit before transatlantic flight

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If you ever get the chance, give Jägermeister Cold Brew a try. Never liked the original, but enjoyed the cold brew one!

I think the units are right. The “m” prefix is a bit confusing. 1 mL = 1 g (roughly, for blood).

49 mg / 100 g = 49 mg / 100 000 mg

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Drunk drivers are horrible enough, but it takes special dedication to be drunk, at work, when your job is to safely transport dozens of people whose lives are in your hands.


… if I understand it correctly, 49 mg/100 ml = a %BAC of .049, legal to drive but not to fly :thinking:

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So he was drinking Jaegermeister, eh… maybe he had a cough he was fighting back.

(Jaegermeister used to be—circa 1996 by my own personal experience living there and reading advertisements* (still is?), marketed as a cough remedy in Germany.)

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I just looked up the limits in my state… a CDL (commercial driver’s license) limit is 0.04%, while ordinary drivers have 0.08%. So 0.049% wouldn’t be legal to transport passengers on the road.


The FAA also has the eight hours rule – regardless of your BAC, you cannot have had anything at all with alcohol for eight hours prior, and many airlines have company policies of 12 to 24 hours “bottle-to-throttle.”

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Citation needed.

it used to be your uncle’s digestiv bitter for decades, and then suddenly it became “cool”.


Yeah, well, the pilots do have to drive home after they’ve landed and go off shift.

Advertisements I read at the time I was living there were very suggestive of this remedy application. Jaegermeister was also sold conveniently in small shot sized doses in the check-out aisle of my local drugstore. And, local medical professionals essentially prescribed alcohol as a treatment for a variety of ailments, which I found unhelpful but also not attributable to the ethics of all German medical professionals. All that being said, I am in no way trying to excuse the pilot for drinking and flying.

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