Jewish leaders to Trump: until you denounce white supremacy, stay out of Pittsburgh


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Can we expand Pittsburgh?


Tragically, Trump actually thinks that he HAS denounced White Supremacy, and he will call anything that says otherwise “Fake News”. We are trapped in the post-reality era, and it suuuuuuuuuucks.


Sanders is going to be getting heat about the tapdancing involved here. With any luck, she’ll just throw in the towel and for extra goodness we can dream of the White House PR machinery going into a death spiral.

As it stands, the word on Pennsylvania Avenue is that there’s going to be a rush for the doors after the midterms – and, apparently, the current turnover is not a good indication of what’s coming.


Right-wing populism in the West is always accompanied by its decrepit handmaidens, anti-Semitism and white supremacy. Always.

These regimes may put Muslims or immigrants or LGBTQ people at the top of their hit lists, but the Jews are always on them, guaranteed.

I hope that this strong and unequivocal statement from Pittsburgh’s Jewish community drowns out once and for all the illusion that this regime (or its patron in Moscow) has ever been a true friend to Jews (not just “the good ones” like Jared or fundie pets or kapos).


How about dropping the courtier-speak and just saying “not welcome in Pittsburgh”?



  1. The letter contained more than two complete sentences
  2. The letter contained more than 25 words
  3. The letter contained any word with more than three syllables

Hair Fuerher will never read it.


He’s more likely to denounce the Jewish community. Remember this, from last year?


With those conditions it amounts to the same thing while presenting the appearance of giving him a sporting chance.


Don’t forget Xtian fundamentalist extremism.




Too true. Megabummer too.


Roger That!


Cue Trump rally in Pittsburgh like… immediately. But it’s been on the calendar for months, honest. The secret, secret calendar.

EDIT: Dear God, I wish I hadn’t called it:


If it was surrounded by GOP voters then the GOP would expand it instantly.


Trump Out of North America!


Always leave your opponent a path of retreat. Trump won’t take it, but it’s an important general principle.


You are thinking far too small.


Copy / paste that letter “From Rest Of World”.
If only.


Props to the Jewish community leaders for this, but expect that The Dear Leader will respond with rage and threats. That is pretty much his MO. I also expect a rally in PGH soon, just to stick it in their eye that “they can’t keep me out!”