Jim Jordan loses 2nd House speaker vote by wider margin than 1st

I am super curious who it ends up being.

You have to be a certain level of asshole to want the job, but can’t be too much of an asshole to actually get it.


doesn’t matter how it’s spelled,
that’s how i’ve always said it.


I just want it to end, and for it not to be Jordan or any of the MAGA faithful. The “moderates” (which, hahahahahhhhahh…aa) need to step up and make a deal with the Democrats, because there is real shit happening the world that needs to be dealt with… I think we’re all tired of these fascist toddlers pitching a fit about not being able to do exactly as they please to the rest of us… I wish that more Republicans would join us over here in sane-land and help us fix it… but as long as the MAGA threat is looming, far too many of the assholes won’t do it…


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So, he’s chosen to remain in a process that signals a future of continual ego-shattering failures.

That only sweetens the already delicious Schadenfreude.


Then you must’ve just loved today’s spectacle of 23 pricks screwing a huge asshole.

(CNN must really be sinking-- they’re competing now with pronhub!)


Worth floating just to stir up uncomfortable moments for GOP House members as they are pointedly asked why or why not they are in favor Liz, et al. Raskin wants Hakeem in, no doubt, so I think Raskin’s “float” is more of a big rock thrown into the GOP pond for effect… and it demonstrates that the Dems are indeed attempting to help the GOP out.


I think he passed out from hyperventilation, and if that hadn’t happened he was getting an arm cramp from working the slider.


He’s going to try again this Thursday.




The odds are decent that the GOP might just end up giving limited powers to McHenry. They might be able to agree on that much without needing Democratic help.

This way the Freedom Fries caucus could all continue to pitch performative fits for their voter base, while the rest of the GOP’s donors can at least get the funding they want to happen. And McHenry would limp by until either the GOP elects a Speaker out of exhaustion, or they get voted out of the majority in 2024.

I do see the GOP as more likely to slightly expand McHenry’s temp speaker power than to just do nothing, if only because their big money backers will demand some bills pass at all.

And it’s either that or work with Democrats. And we all know working with Democrats is their absolute last resort.


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He’s as good at running for speaker as he is as sponsoring and passing legislation.


I vacillate between “well at least Republican legislative fuckery isn’t getting any implementation, as long as they are so paralyzed in such a basic way” and “c’mon y’all, yer burnin’ daylight here! we have real problems to address, real justice to implement, real progress to make–so jump to it!”

I am not a big fan of P.J. O’Rourke (it’s the lingering trauma of having a boyfriend who was way too much a fan of his) but he did put his finger on the pulse of the current Republican / MAGA modus operandus:

The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.


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I find myself hoping the “moderate” republicans vote for Hakeem Jefferies and form a coalition. And that this action is what splits the GOP and we finally have a multi party system.


How effective of a temp speaker with a few extra powers would he be? Able to be replaced at any minute, or at minimum forced to hold a vote for a replacement.

How likely are they to get enough votes to extend him temporary powers that make him ineffective, but not just outright elect him speaker. The margin to pass is the same either way.

I don’t see the Democrats voting for a temp anything.

I do expect Democrats to do more and more to keep the house in session and just voting again and again and again at some point. Probably force two rounds first and work their way up to no breaks as best they can, the closer we get to government funding ending.

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Basically, be able to bring up funding bills that even the GOP wants to get passed. Such as aid for Israel, or to a lesser extent Ukraine. Or the military funding the GOP fetishizes. His powers could be limited only to that, and only once every 15 days etc.

Yes, but granting these minimal powers to McHenry is a much closer goal. He’s already there. They also don’t have to grant full powers to McHenry, just enough power to pass some budgets. The screaming tantrum caucus can still get some pork for their districts even, while they continue to grandstand.

Basically, if Jordan doesn’t get in then they won’t have many options left. It’ll be a) find someone else the GOP extremists and moderates can agree on, b) grant McHenry limited powers so Congress can limp along, or c) work together with the (shudder) Democrats to help a moderate GOP candidate eke through. And c) would require significantly more concessions than b). While a) at this point seems to require a unicorn.

I also do see the Democrats voting for increasing McHenry’s temp powers if it will pass needed bills and they get some other useful concessions. Basically, I think the Dems will make a deal if it’s actually worthwhile.

Just my thoughts on it. See how it all goes…


Mike Garcia thinks the GOP needs to go on a nice team-building retreat to settle the argument over who gets to be House Speaker. I wonder if we could send them to that island from Battle Royale.


It’s not even constitutional. The limited role of the interim speaker is defined. I would expect Dems to challenge any expansion of the interim speaker’s powers.


Please. Retreats only work if you’re willing to work to make things better.

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The best that can come out of this is the Republicans come to the Democrats with their hat in hand and make major concessions to support a moderate Republican. But are there any left?