Jimmy Carter outlives another one


I think that was Barbara.


I suspect you haven’t read much about Barbara.


It would be hard to convince me she was worse than 41 or 43, but I could be wrong. I admit when I wrote that I was thinking about her statement that Jeb! shouldn’t be president because we had had enough Bushes.


There was some callous statement about not sullying her “beautiful mind” with the plight of some unfortunate people. (I don’t remember the details.) She certainly had less power to fuck up the world than the two presidents.


Callous indeed, though a wee bit less so when considered in context.


The thing I like about Barbara is that she was so hesitant to endorse Jeb for President.


Probably not prudent but I think I am going to leave this here:


Lord knows how solid the journalism standards are over at USA Today but fwiw, there are a few names, including the name George W. Bush, in their article here that may ring a bell or two:





While we’re discussing Presidents and I’m posting Noam Chomsky vids, here’s Noam comparing the USA to Weimar Germany.

In 2010.



But but, we got the Congress now!

I.e., that kind of post has a lot less traction now. :frowning_face:


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