Jimmy DiResta carves a log into an anvil

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I specifically ordered a log carved from an anvil.


The choice to use that electric chainsaw at first is odd. It’s too small and underpowered for the job. Even more so when he brings out the bigger one. At first I thought it was going to be a product placement ad.

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For young people who aren’t familiar with them, anvils are what Bugs Bunny would drop on Yosemite Sam’s head in the vintage Warner Brothers cartoons.


See also: Wile E Coyote.


To be fair, he does have a wood carving tool in that angle grinder.

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If he didn’t air-dry that log for a year or two, the “anvil” is probably going to split. Gotta admire the artistry with which he sketches out the shape.

Electric chainsaws have a ton more torque than the gas ones. You’d be shocked at how NOT underpowered a little electric chainsaw like that one is.

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An Anvil:The Story of An Anvil.

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