Joe Biden questions Trump's moral center


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Its size or its existence?


Its location. I think it’s firmly up his ass somewhere.


You’re thinking of his golden spoon—which, now that I think of it, is a pretty good representation of his values if not morals.


Nah, his dad just like gambling and wanted to support his son. Nothing wrong with that.


Came to this thread looking for this question, was not disappointed :thumbsup:


He would have made such a good president.


Uh… well, better than some. He’s pretty honest, for a politician. But much too much in bed with certain powerful corporations and lobbies, in my opinion - such as the RIAA. He would be the most pro-DRM, anti-EFF president possible.

One of the things about Delaware being such a small state is that pretty much every citizen has met Joe Biden. If you’re from the Wilmington area, you might know him reasonably well.


He doesn’t have a moral center.


No, that’s his oral center.


“What center??”


trumps lack of morals is his best selling point for his supporters…the kind of people that can look at homelessness or hunger or lack of opportunity and either not care or worse be angry at the victims for annoying them. The kind of people who can look at the color of someone and “know” that they are inferior, or thieves or rapists.
He is without a soul…how could there be anything relating to morals.


Uncle Joe is awesome, I hope to Dog he doesn’t retire.


Not to be a dick because I hate Trump and all his brethren that manage to be rich and pay no taxes.

Change the fucking tax structure already. Why do these people have god damn loop holes to drive their empire through.

I’m talking to you Joe. I know the VP can do little alone, but save me the platitudes and get me some change.


Republicans are down with Trump because they thrive on people without souls. The soulless kind that support steamrolling pipelines thru pristine valleys and park lands, dumping toxins into rivers and streams, spewing rancid smoke into our air, flying airplanes low over our neighborhoods just because and just really don’t give a fuck about people.

Trying to screw the people in Flint the other day is another example of their heartless approach to this country. And guess what Donald Dick, taxes pay for helping people in Flint and other places that need it.



Trump’s stated plan is to further reduce taxes for the wealthy. But he already pays no taxes, so I think he’s actually proposing that rich people get paid by the government just for being rich?

That’s like trying to take care of a Gremlin infestation by beating them back with a fire hose.


I’ve always considered paying taxes to be kind of a moral imperative. The idea is that you pay some of your income so that the country can pool it together and do better things with it than you could yourself. It’s fundamentally an expression of solidarity with other people in your country.

There’s no room for individual ego in that, so of COURSE Donald thinks that he’s smart for stiffing everyone else with the bill.


Yep. And that right there is a “moral center” that I think the U.S. itself is in danger of losing. The only solidarity with others that more and more Americans feel with others is the supposed right each of us has to grab as many goodies as you can.


“Ya know, don’t ask what you can do for your country. That’s for losers. Instead you should be asking, ‘Who can I screw over to make some more money?’”

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well, that DID make me tear up. i think Biden would’ve been an amazing president, but i respect him even more for turning down the chance, especially for the reasons he gave.