Joe Biden's heartfelt answer to Trump's PTSD comments


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When did our favorite aloof, gaffe-machine VP suddenly start making rousing speeches?


Uncle Joe, you Sir are awesome.


Getting ready for a command performance tonight, let’s hope.

Edit. WOW talk about a brain fart. I wish we could see him bring something like this to the debate tonight but that’s not very likely, is it! :sweat:


He’s always been good at making rousing speeches. The “Biden is a gaffe-machine” narrative was created by the media and stubbornly clung to long after being disproven, much like “Al Gore has no personality” and “Barack Obama is inexperienced” and “Donald Trump is a human being.”

Trump hit on something Joe Biden takes very, very seriously.
Playing air guitar in the shower?


Next you will tell me Dan Quayle wasn’t a complete idiot either.


Actually…that is sort of the point no? When the guy who normally wants to make a comment or joke for a laugh suddenly has to become the serious person in the room…it should be a very terrible warning.


That was the other comment I debated making.


Obviously it has nowt to do with Biden, but nobody’s going to watch the debate tonight, surely?

Unless they’ve run out of sleeping tablets, perhaps.


Probably not really as stupid as he was portrayed, but on the other hand he didn’t seem to have enough redeeming qualities to get anyone to look past that stereotype either.


Nah, he was an idiot. He’s still an idiot. His kid is possibly a bigger idiot than he is.


Dunno, he has that air of Young Jack Kennedy about him, must get it from his dad.


I wouldn’t really describe him as a gaffe machine, but more like everyone’s favorite crazy uncle who just says whatever’s on his mind. Much of the time he’s silly, but he can drop a truth bomb or two when he needs to.


That’s how I think of Trump, except he’s “everyone’s drunken racist uncle.”


Well, full disclosure, I’m not planning on watching.

But the VP debates are good ground for launching attacks, I understand, since debaters are less concerned with their own likability and more with the opposing presidential candidate’s. And I think Hillary’s campaign could stand to launch a few more attacks.


It’s pretty clear that tRump has zero empathy, so I’m not surprised that he basically told veterans to “suck it up.” Any normal human that has spent time around Iraq/Afgan vets will understand that PTSD is very real and a big issue.


scary isn’t it?

Every time Trump opens his mouth I shake my head and think “How in the hell can anyone support this guy anymore” and yet they do.


Yes, but Biden is the fun uncle, and Trump is the belligerent racist whom we invited to Thanksgiving out of pity, and who then way overstayed his welcome.


“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

-Patrick Rothfuss