Trump [does not — see update] Vietnam War with Desert Storm in bizarre speech (video)

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This speech was from July 4, 2020 and is edited to make it sound like he is confusing Vietnam and the Gulf War when he did not:


Yep. Better this…

… than that.



He’s never wrong when his supporters can always retroactively claim he meant something else :thinking:


He’s wrong often enough that there isn’t a need to start conflating timelines and resorting to trickery to try and make a point. He looks bad all the time.


Revolutionary War Troops Took Over Airports? Hmmm I think I remember that day…

Dude is effing off his cart.


There are people who believe that dinosaurs and human beings coexisted. In comparison, given the relatively microscopic temporal truncation of the appearances of jets and Minute Men, I’d say don’t send that pic out into the world.


Hmmm about that…

It was a crazy day in the weak mind of a wannabe despot.


Hi all, not an American, but saw the news that De Santis dropped, and I followed USA’s 2016-2020 news very close.

I hope I’m not right, but I’m 98% sure Trump is going to be elected again, and I’m very sorry not only for America, but the whole world (ie, Ukraine would be left behind, USA will double down in the Middle East against eventually Iran, as I’m sure Jared Kusher and Stephen Miller will return, and so on… ).

So, this kind of posts ridiculing Trump actually work like pouring gas to the flames, was the same way before when Late Night Shows and ‘The Educated’ did so, it pushed Trump forward instead of bringing him down.

Some times I think he is like the fairies of Peter Pan, if you stop believing in them, they disappear, but the more you think about them, more likely we get a fairy elected, ha!


Over Macho Grande?


98% is super specific so I’m sure you’ve put a lot of thought into this, but Late Night Shows and education didn’t get Trump elected in '16. It was mostly misogyny and misinformation. Ignoring a problem like Trump won’t make him go away, it will let him cruise to his dream dictatorship. The only way to bring him down is to tear him down in the press, in the courts, and at the ballot box. So while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would greatly appreciate it, as a US citizen, if you didn’t try to convince US voters to ignore him because then he might go away. Thanks.


You know what’s not disappearing like Tinker Belle? Examples of trumps’s mental corrosion.


When the media ignores Trump they get blamed for failing to expose how grossly unfit he is for office, and when they cover Trump they get blamed for giving him too much free exposure.

Trump didn’t win in 2016 because too many people made jokes at his expense. He won because too many people voted for a fascist.


Why can’t he have the affliction that McConnell has where he’s frozen and mute for several minutes?


DeSantis really should not have dropped out at this point. Trump is out of it completely. DeSantis could have said, “I’m out of money. I’m going to run my campaign on whatever resources I have at the moment to stop Trump from being the nominee due to his mental state”.

Now we have two nominees who are both not mentally in shape to be in this position. At least the Democrats appear to have a backup plan in case Biden falls off the rails. The Republican plan is no plan.

I’m not sure people understood they were voting for a fascist in 2016. They were just voting for an asshole who wasn’t black or Hillary Clinton, which aligned with their asshole beliefs. In 2020, they were pretty clearly voting for an incompetent asshole who aligned with their asshole beliefs, but still not quite a fascist. Anyone who has supported him after J6 is voting for a fascist, and is a fascist, and should be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately, half the states in the US have become “Nazi bars”, so the bartenders with the bats have all moved to other bars and there is no one left to kick the fascists out.


I intensely dislike Donny for any number of reasons but why has BB posted two stores today that are anti-Trump but are straight up false? We’re better than this.


I consider the evidence for this claim about Biden lacking. Sure he’s always stammered and fumbled some words, and that’s getting worse, but cognitive decline? Not “mentally in shape”? Nah, I’m not seeing that.