Joe Biden repeatedly claimed to have marched for civil rights. He didn't.

Well, in 1988, he repeatedly claimed to have marched for civil rights

Joe, standing in line for the hot wings buffet at Hooters is not what you think it is.


Jeez. Okay so which policies of Sanders do you take issue with? Is it Medicare for All? Free college? A living wage? Or high taxes on the obscenely wealthy?


Heh. When a librul like franken is accused by Roger Stone he has to leave public life. Conservatives like Roy Moore or Biden get a free pass.


It would be understatement to say Im not convinced about this.

Its not a gimme to beat Trump. Dems will need very high turnout cos Trump will bring out his base. And Biden is gonna be a problem with a lot of groups. Even Trump recognizes Biden is gonna have a problem with African-Americans. Probably with progressives and once it becomes clear that Uncle Joe is the guy who worked hard to make sure student debt was not dis-chargeable in bankruptcy I think everyone from 20 to 35 is gonna be holding their nose in voting for him.

Plus, would you really leave your daughter in the company of that man?

If I cant have Sanders & Medicare4all I will go with Warren. If I cant have Warren I would have to re-evaluate and come back to you.

But Biden? Really?


Yes thats true. I suppose because Dem politicians represent a constituency which believes in womens right to be unmolested and not have to deal with scummy creeps.

Sadly the Republican party seems to embrace sex pests, creeps and scumbags. As long as they are conservatively dressed.


Maybe Bernie is not “the most popular politician in the US”, but one thing is for sure: he is very consistent, he’s been addressing some issues 30 years ago that were until recently considered “radical” - LGBTQ rights, racial discrimination, gender equality, universal healthcare, …
Biden on the other hand, might be likable, but that’s it. Democrats tried the same kind of candidate 4 years ago, we got Trump. Why not change the course?


Rather than Warren, I’d suggest considering Tulsi Gabbard. You know the warmongering elites and profiteers are scared of her since there’s a media blackout on her despite serving two terms on the middle east and being a major in the national guard. Why? - because she is against any more regime change wars.


Here’s Tulsi’s speech at the California Democratic Convention

She knocked it out of the park


I’m going to get a big kick watching the Delaware corporatist gaff his way out of the primaries!


How can you claim that when you posted a picture of him right there standing beside Martin and Malik?

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So I liked many of the things I have seen Tulsi say, but I follow Nina Illingworth on twitter, and she suggested there were some problems with her candidacy which would probably kill it down the line… Things she has said about homosexuality etc.

I report these things but I dont know these things. I really dont know enough about her. I should really get round to doing my own research.


Note that it also doesn’t apply to conservative democrats like Biden. Only liberals. Nobody is calling for Uncle Joe to leave the campaign and quit politics

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The warmongers are most scared of Tulsi; they’ve been playing David Brockian dirty tricks since she 1st said she might run. The message that we may want to stop spending trillions demolishing other countries’ infrastructures and instead invest in our own? No way people should hear that, so they turn on the smear machine. (And every smear I’ve seen has been debunked)


Pro-war media and political dirty tricksters are doing whatever they can to smear Tulsi.

For the record, here are Tulsi’s actual positions and actual voting record related to LGBT

She was raised in a conservative household and did indeed make hostile remarks towards the LGBTQ community 15 years ago (when she was 22). She has long since changed her views, apologized for her statements of 15 years ago, and consistently supports LGBTQ rights with her words and deeds.

Here’s the largest LGBTQ lobbying group:

“With the many challenges facing the LGBT community, we’re honored to count Tulsi as an ally in standing up for issues of fairness. From her cosponsorship of the Equality Act to supporting marriage equality for same-sex couples and fighting for persons with HIV/AIDS, we applaud Tulsi’s commitment to fundamental equal rights for all.” - Mike Mings, Director Human Rights Campaign PAC"

My personal dream ticket would be Bernie - Tulsi with Bernie serving 1 term.


I’m not sure “conservative” is quite the right descriptor here. I can think of terms I’ve used for the Gabbard family over the years, but mainly we’re not permitted to use them on BB.

I probably don’t believe Tulsi is anti-gay and anti-choice anymore. However, if 8 years is the statute of limitations on hateful beliefs, it should apply as well to the other candidates in the race.


Uncle Joe really needs to step up his lying if this is the best he can do.
Do you even tweet?
He is totally out of his league. Sad.

Vermont has a population of 626,000, which is the size of El Paso. Sanders received183,529 votes in 2018.

For comparison 7,543,753 voted for Kamala Harris in 2018 which is 41x more votes from ‘presumably, the people who know her best’.

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I’m fine with his policies. But I am super unconvinced that he has any plan for carrying them out or paying for them, including how to get them through a closely divided Senate or convince a Trump-tilted judiciary that they’re constitutional, or any idea how to go about making such a plan. People I know, and whose opinions I trust, who have worked with him and his office have consistently been unimpressed by his ability to do much beyond generate friendly soundbites and look cranky on TV.

And, regardless, my agreement or disagreement with his policies has nothing to do with this site continually posting misleading anecdata about him. I get it: Sanders fans don’t like that he’s in second place again, especially behind an “impure” Democrat whose policy preferences aren’t as far left as Bernie’s. If I were a Sanders fan I wouldn’t like that either. But, again, lying about how popular he his–in a post whose point is to complain about Joe Biden lying–does not advance the ball for Bernie.


As I said, he’s not my choice. (My only donation so far in this race has been to Warren.) Biden does appear to be the choice of a plurality of people responding to polls though, at least at this early date, which sure seems to indicate that he’s better at running for president than Cory thinks.

And regardless of who gets the Democratic nomination, I will be donating, working for, and voting for that person. Even if it’s Bernie. Even if, somehow, it’s f#@%ing Tulsi f#@%ing Gabbard. Beating Donald Trump is the condition precedent without which not a goddamn one of Bernie’s policies will ever see the light of day. Three years of Trump have already rotted the foundations of the republic. Four more years could very well end it.


Yeah, I didn’t write it. I’m not making any judgement of the validity of the data point. I’m just trying to help parse what they’re saying.