Joe Biden repeatedly claimed to have marched for civil rights. He didn't.

8 years? That would imply she made these comments in 2011? Have a link for that? That doesnt line up with the information I’ve seen.

Regarding “statutes of limitations”, the issue is not just length of time (whether 8 years per your claim or 15 years per my understanding). It hardly makes sense to judge comments made by a 22 year old Tulsi with efforts made for decades by Joe Biden to imprison drug users. Efforts made when he was 30 years older than Tulsi, with a lifetime of experience, and evidence all around him of the thousands of lives his anti-drug crusades were ruining.

3rd point is whether the politician changes their behavior or just their rhetoric. Tulsi has consistently voted to support LGBT rights for years. Full support from the leading LGBTQ civil rights organization. When our political structure is infested with warmongers and corporatists, Tulsi is one of the few willing to stand up and speak out against the war machine.

She’s also one of the few willing to stand up and lend her credibility to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who murdered Syrians with sarin gas. There’s being a pacifist, and then there’s being a useful idiot. For my money, Tulsi Gabbard is definitely in the latter camp.


No, I just picked the year because it was 2012 when she explicitly said that she had changed her mind. She was on my city council at the time, up until then I had never heard anything to suggest she had changed. When she ran for City Council in 2010 she was VP of the pro-religion-in-government Stand Up for America, her father’s nonprofit, and he was certainly still vocally anti-gay at the time.

3rd point is whether the politician changes their behavior or just their rhetoric. Tulsi has consistently voted to support LGBT rights for years.

Likewise it makes the most sense to judge Biden on his most recent political job, his 8 years in the spotlight as VPOTUS.

Full support from the leading LGBTQ civil rights organization.

Interestingly, the Hawaii LBGT caucus still does not support her.

Look, I’m not really anti-Tulsi, and I think she’s done a good job of representing my state in Congress. I was probably the first person to mention her presidential ambitions on BB, we’ve known about them for years. I’m just amused at the way some elements of the left have embraced her, and work so hard to look past some striking flaws. Her seat was once occupied by Patsy Mink, and later by Mazie Hirono (now a senator), and she is not in the same stratosphere as those two.


Why do I suspect that these are landline telephone polls?

Yeah, I am with you on that. I am not so rabidly anti-Trump as many. But his corruption and lawlessness is having a corrosive effect on US governance.

His great plus point, is that no one has done as much damage to the US imperialism as Mr. Trump. Everyday he reduces the US’s prestige and damages US relationships with its allies. So hes got that going for him!

Perhaps because you don’t like the results? Alas, no dice. Click on the pollster name to see the methodology. The CNN/SSRS poll, for example, states that “A total of 1,006 adults were interviewed by telephone nationwide by live interviewers calling both landline and cell phones.” (Emphasis added.) YouGov used online interviews. Biden is up by double digits over Sanders in both polls. Across the polls since late April where all candidates are considered, Sanders is consistently in the high teens up to 20%; Biden is consistently above 30%.

Again, I understand why Sanders supporters don’t want that to be true, but not wanting something to be true should not lead to pretending it is not true. That way lies Republicanism.

I am not so rabidly anti-Trump as many

Then, respectfully, I don’t think you’re paying close enough attention.


Totally true. Biden is not my first choice. Still, maybe those poll results will change. I can hope cant I? There is a lot of time for those Biden stroking little girl videos to work their magic. Not to mention a lifetime of other Biden good works, for black people, sick people and student debtors.

As for Trump, I continue to applaud the President’s efforts to undermine American influence and imperial exploitation of other countries… Its just that I am not entirely convinced that he means to do this. Still, beggars and choosers and all that.

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I won’t be voting for Biden in the primary, but if he’s the nominee, I will vote for him. Going third party is not an option because it will help Trump.


Sanders was in fact the most popular politician in America at a certain moment about two years ago

Cory errs in

  • assuming this is still true

  • picking the wrong link out of his Google results trying to find a citation for it


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