Johann Sebastian Bach vs. Riff Raff: "Coffee in tha MayBACH."


I don’t even

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This is basically opera. With coffee.


I must say. I was prepared to hate on this big-time. But then I watched it and I can’t stop laughing and chuckling. Sweet. Thank you Xeni. :grin:

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hopes dashed. where’s richard o’brien?

kids these days.


Demolish Serious Culture!

So, this is Bach’s Coffee Cantata. As you might deduce from the name, it is, in fact, about coffee. Apparently, there was some controversy in Vienna when the rotten kids of the day started drinking coffee instead of beer. Coffee was obviously the work of the devil. The translation appears to be accurate. Looks like the original is

In short, this is akin to the hilarious parody “Hitler finds out that Germany is totally going to lose WWII”. With a big rapper head pasted on it.


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