John Bolton reportedly threatened family of retired Brazilian diplomat in 2002


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Isn’t being the Alpha Chickenhawk kind of a consolation prize?


Hard to believe Trump didn’t hire him from the get-go. With his fondness for threats and aversion to actually being in a war, they have so much in common.


Has he never been tried - or even charged for this very clear terroristic threat? Or is there no evidence?


Pst… orangedickhead doesn’t like his mustache and has said so.


“We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.”

I don’t think Bolton gets this whole “diplomacy” thing. Unless it’s the kind that involves making “peace” amongst the Five Families.


I wish the shave brush he grows on his lip was the worst thing about him.


looks like daddy-issues are in play


With Trump, daddy issues are always in play.


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