John Guandolo, disgraced ex-FBI & hate speech star, now training law enforcement in Texas

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What a pos. On the other hand, his glamour shot is DELIGHTFUL!


Ah, the old racket where right-wing, Christian fundamentalist con-men sell “training” to law enforcement. It used to be about “Satanists,” now it’s about Muslims - or I should say “Muslims,” as they’re the imaginary, conspiratorial version. Not knowing a damn thing about the subject doesn’t stop the con-men, so long as there are still reactionary idiots with more money than sense in law enforcement.


Holy Crap!

Maybe I need to go to this. I’ve got some super scary Muslims living right next door! With their young sons (who pretend to be very well behaved boys), and their toddler daughter (who obviously only wants jihad). It’s the little ones you gotta watch out for! I bet all that coming over to say “Hi” and talk about the kids, while sharing fruit from our yards was just a pretense to lull me into some false sense of security that they’re actually Real Americans ™, and not planning on horrible terrorist plots! I knew it!

(or maybe they’re normal humans like the rest of us, and just want to raise happy healthy kids and not be harassed…)


For a bit of additional perspective, San Angelo is considered the middle of nowhere even by Texas standards. It’s a town of about 100,000 of which 83% are white.

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John Guandolo says Muslims “do not have a First Amendment right to do anything.” Now he’s instructing law officers

I wonder how he feels about their Second Amendment rights? I’d guess no to that one too and the rest of the Bill of Rights.

The screen shot of him says it all and everything he represents. You can attend his training course but first and foremost you have to accept Jebuz as your lord and savior. That and pay him $10 k.

Muslims welcome?

Lotta grifters in this line of work, it seems.

Well, it’s a proven fact that all terrorists were, prior to becoming terrorists, at one point, children.

Well, we very clearly need to round them all up and put them in some sort of camp.

After today’s exuberance, I’m willing to ship GirlChild off to Guantanamo.

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