John Oliver has an easy time making fun of cartoonish Rudy Giuliani


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Even better than the Rudy Guiliani segment was the revelation about what Russell Crowe did with the money John Oliver bid to win the jockstrap from Cinderella Man that Oliver sent to the Blockbuster Video in Anchorage, Alaska. It involved Crowe, the Irwin family, and koalas.


If only this video was available in Canada. Thanks, HBO Canada!


Rudy Giuliani is like having a second Trump in the White House



So many fish. Such a small barrel. But still glad that Oliver takes aim for us.


EDIT:It was taken down right after I watched it.


The page you’re looking for is restricted or doesn’t exist.


I never, never understood all that America’s Mayor stuff.

He was the mayor during 9/11. He behaved in a calm, reasonable way during a time of great fear and uncertainty.

That’s all it takes to become a legend? Not going to pieces?


I normally despise Crowe, but that was by far the coolest thing he’s ever done. :smile_cat:


When every flim-flam artist in America is cashing in on one act of terrorism? Yep, that’s all it takes.


Agree. Basically, any politician who didn’t clutch their face and run around randomly screaming became a hero on 9/12.

The same effect allows Geo W Bush (whose negligence allowed 9/11 to happen) to be lionized and get credit for being able to operate a bullhorn correctly at Ground Zero. With this credibility, he invades the wrong country and racks up $3T in military expenditures.


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