John Oliver nails it with his passionate feature on America's family separation policy

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No, too sad.
For fuck sake… way too sad.


That segment about Jenri (the 4 year old reunited with his mother after a month apart) was hard to watch and listen. I have never seen John Oliver this emotional; rightfully so. Truly heartbreaking segment; particularly for me as I understand Spanish. That boy’s voice will hunt me.

Here’s the full documentary by The Atlantic:


No. No it’s not.

Because my perspective is anyone who watches this falls into three cataegories.

  1. saddened
  2. outraged
  3. not my people not my problem. Fuck em.

I need to know which someone is. 1 or 2 and were on the same side. I need to know who the 3’s Are so I know who the fuck needs to be shot out into space.


Hey! What do you have against space? I propose that they be thrown into the nearest volcano. Let Earth keep her own. That way we can get some use out of them.


Do not give the regime a single opening to repeat this monstrous policy based in racist fearmongering. Every Republican coward or opportunist or racist denied a seat is less support for the arsehole in the White House. Vote.


Do not forget that ICE and the Border Patrol were already murderously abusive agencies before Trump was elected, or that Schumer and Pelosi spent last year offering to further militarise the border and attempting to horse-trade with the lives of undocumented immigrants.

Sure, vote. It probably can’t hurt, and might even help.

Then organise.


Not available in the uk, unless i turn on my tv and watch it on now tv, stupid region locked videos!

Boing boing should just refuse post region locked content…

More or less transcribed atThe Mary Sue.


To put this into perspective:

First-time asylum seekers who cross the border not at ports of entry are committing a “Federal misdemeanor”:

" Asylum seekers would be prosecuted under section 1325(a) of the 8 United States Code (U.S.C.), which states that “improper entry by alien” is a federal misdemeanor with a first offense carrying maximum fines of $50 to $250 and/or a six-month prison sentence."

Some other examples of Federal misdemeanors considered as bad or worse, based on potential penalties:

  • Using Smokey the Bear’s likeness

  • Sending dentures in the mail

  • Cutting your own Christmas tree on Federal lands without a permit

  • Mailing a piece of paper with your office football or NCAA basketball pool brackets. (This is worse than illegal entry, as it carries a potential 5 years in prison)

  • Transporting fireworks over a state line

  • Trespassing in a National Park

Obviously, these are heinous crimes which rightfully impel the Homeland to separate the vile conspirators from their children, and house these immature criminals possibly indefinitely until they either die in custody or are exiled into nobody’s custody.



The instance of substance abuse / psychological issues / PTSD / suicide etc. etc. will be almost immediately evident in these families and the children that are separated.

All of this will lay flatly at the tRump’s and TGOP feet.

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Even Israelis are calling these detention centers by their correct term, Concentration Camps

A militaria site is calling it “Gitmo at the Border”

This is a line crossed which makes any “both sides are bad” laughably false. To support this garbage is a tangible and literal evil. One which cannot be excused nor forgotten. Republicans have gone “Full Nazi” here,


One of the women in the Oliver video would prefer that the U.S. accept no asylum seekers whatsoever. It’s clear to me where her opinion would have been in 1939.


That is exactly what I bring up when I run into such fools.

That and the fact that every refugee wave was met with the same stupid objections and every one has improved our nation by taking them in.


I’ll just leave this here. Because sometimes the choice is to laugh or cry.


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