Johnny Depp appeal denied

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I’ve been denying for a long time now that Johnny Depp has much of any appeal.


But you have heard of him.


Cap’ Jack was hoist by his own barrel o’ powder. Arrrr.


It would be nice if this decisive verdict, in a country where those are difficult to obtain on these issues, would shut up Depp’s bad-faith defenders.

It’s still worth acknowledging that they are both awful, abusive, people, and that Heard’s victims (including women) should be believed. But that doesn’t erase Depp’s behavior.


Can we at least acknowledge that the ONE time charges were filed against Ms. Heard the alleged victim did not file them and in fact has disputed that there was ever abuse? Ms. Heard’s girlfriend says that a cop saw them involved in a “fracas” and made the arrest. The second charge of abuse against a female that I could find was made by Johnny Depp during the libel trial where he claimed that Ms. Heard abused her sister. Her sister has denied the charge. Please feel free to believe the statements made by these women and not misrepresent them.

Both Depp and Heard MAY be awful people, but only Depp has publicly admitted physical violence against Heard. Only Depp has continued to drive the narrative that Heard is an awful person and filed suits like this one which seem to be an attempt to drag her name through the mud. Heard published one Op Ed about being a victim of abuse, without naming anyone as her abuser. She has since kept her head down and worked on her career. Even after the marriage, the conflict seems to be pretty one sided.




It seems like these are honestly two genuinely shitty abusive people.

We have the legal proceedings info on Johnny, and the “trial in public” info of audio recordings where she admits abusing him.
(just from a quick google)

TBH, doesn’t seem like there are any innocents in this one, and it appears that the abuse happened on both sides. Just because one side isn’t filing suits doesn’t mean there isn’t something there. Victims of abuse frequently do not pursue charges etc…
Perhaps this is a good example of a case where the policy should be “believe those alleging abuse” not “believe all women” or “believe the guy because that’s how it’s always been” or similar.



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