Amber Heard blames the fans and the attorneys

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Heard apparently has not had enough, is still talking, and is passing some blame around.

I didn’t follow the trial*, but someone who did mentioned to me yesterday that some of the witnesses recalled seeing Heard – an adult over age 25, mind you – earnestly reading Ayn Rand books and making margin notes during a movie shoot. She obviously internalised a lot of what she read if she’s behaving like this.

[*to be clear, I have no idea if she’s lying about the abuse per the lawsuit but feel comfortable starting by believing someone who says they were abused and also doubting the claims of innocence of someone who’s spent much of his life behaving like an entitled arsehole. Really, they both seem like unpleasant people so I’m glad we’ll once again have less occasion to discuss either of them.]


I really can’t stand a lot of the folks involved in this steaming hot dumpster fire. Anyone saying that anyone got anything of value from this case is lying.

Depp won the case but really didn’t because it ultimately will cost him work (plus he will likely quickly burn through the money we won from Heard going by what people said/speculated about his lifestyle/spending habits in the past). Amber sure as hell didn’t win the PR war. Abuse victims/advocates sure as shit didn’t win. Feminists didn’t win. Misogynists dumbly outed themselves, painting a massive target on their backs for the future. Celebrity culture was set even further back than even I could ever imagine because of the fucking stupid stans who backed either party. The lawyers for Depp and Heard can never wash the stink of this dog and pony show off of them. The media and public being seen as craven as they where came back from the first Trump election days.


Agree with you, except for the lawyers. The lawyers will make out like bandits and nobody will remember their names a few years from now.


I really dislike the “How dare Amber Heard speak in public! How dare she not slink away and never be heard from again!” tone of the main post. If Depp and his various goons are free to post their opinions and give interviews, I’m not sure why his victim is supposed to shut up and disappear.

I’d prefer that Boing Boing, blog of happy mutants, tried to be a bit less like the Daily Mail or Inside Edition.


It’s all-round awful. In the UK, we’ve got the “Wagatha Christie” bullshit. I’m not going to bother to explain.
The only striking thing was one lawyer, a few weeks back, saying “Isn’t it great? There is absolutely nothing of value here. Nothing to lose or gain. But it’s retirement money.”


The jury should have just awarded each one dollar and a boot to the head for wasting everyone’s time with this stupid circus


Prediction: Depp will get a new girlfriend. And in a few years’ time we will start hearing reports of abusive behavior that eerily resembles everything that Amber Heard described. Because he might have won in court, but he won’t be able to change who he is.

I have been deliberately ignoring this thing as much as possible, but I did reluctantly read a couple of what seemed to be sober and non-partisan summaries, and they painted a fairly unflattering picture of Depp.

The final ugliness in this whole sordid business is that hating Amber Heard is now part of the whole ‘conservative’ thought-package. Even the people who I used to think of as my ‘sane’ right-wing acquaintances have started reposting articles trashing Heard and praising Depp as some kind of hero for “men’s rights” (because we all know how much men have been suffering at the hands of all-powerful women and the feminist-industrial complex). I hadn’t realized how much the whole MeToo thing must have irked them, but I should have guessed that the backlash was coming.


It’s really disappointing to see this lazy framing here on BoingBoing. Really hope this isn’t a sign of the direction I should expect here. I don’t see Heard making any unreasonable points here, but somehow we get a headline implying that this was all about entitlement and attention-seeking. Do better.


I didn’t follow much but I heard/read bits.

There were enough people (including ex’s) vouching for Depp’s behaviour in the past that, whatever he did to Heard, he doesn’t seem to be habitually abusive (though at least one ex claimed he threw a wine bottle, not at her, but still that’s got to be scary).

And it does sound like Heard has some serious issues, including a previous arrest for domestic assault, spitting in the face of her assistant, and some statements from people in industry that weren’t flattering.

The best summary I saw was from one of the psychologists who testified they were dysfunctional people in a mutually abusive relationship. I suspect each blames the other for being the instigator.

Overall, I hope they both find relationships that aren’t dysfunctional and manage to make nice enough with each other to rehab their careers. I’m not sure exactly what happened between them but I don’t think scorched earth everybody loses is a just outcome, and it definitely doesn’t encourage other victims of abuse to come forward.


While I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to the proceedings, one claim of hers, that she covered the bruises up with her favourite concealer makeup, suddenly lost credence when the manufacturer said it didn’t actually start selling it until six months after the event in question.
Which, along with statements from the likes of Kate Moss, who Heard claimed had been pushed down the stairs, and who responded by saying “it never happened “, frankly makes any of Heard’s claims pretty lacking in credence.

I hadn’t heard about that but I think it’s incorrect on a couple of points.

First, I don’t think she actually claimed to use that specific concealer, instead the lawyer was just using it as a prop. The lawyer probably just used the makeup kit that Heard was using on that particular day.

But even if Heard had made that claim I actually wouldn’t put too much stock in it. Memory is a lot worse at recordings the details than people realize. Remembering you used your favourite concealer but then naming the wrong one because you forgot what your favourite concealer was on that date is a fairly typical mistake.

That’s why fact checkers are always needed for auto-biographies, because the author’s memory never perfectly matches reality.


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I’d really rather not be a useful idiot for a reactionary backlash to Me Too.


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For a reasonable take on the Amber Heard trial, I highly recommend the WNYC podcast, “On the Media” which has an excellent (and eye-opening) interview about it:

The podcast honestly changed my mind about Heard.


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