Depp trial likely to end in "mutual disgrace and exhaustion"

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Just watch the trailer, no need to sit through the whole thing.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Defence Rests does sound shit.



The only winners here will be the lawyers.


Does a presiding judge have the option to send both sides (and their lawyers with them) into extensive public service? (“This court finds that you’re all a buncha jerks!” [gavel])


I continue to have no interest in this stuff. These are two clearly screwed up people who have been shitty to each other. The constant barrage of endless rage posting about her or him is exhausting and depressing to see. Who cares? Why do we care so much about these celebrities and their failed, violent relationship?

Cults of celebrity are such a sickness right now, but we have always been thus I suppose.


*reggaeton horn intensifies*



Because that’s exactly what it is. What’s even stupider, though is watching so many people rant about how disgraceful it is to participate in this toxicity right alongside news of why Kim Kardashian blah, blah, blah or Real Housewives blah, blah, blah. There is no noble exemption for the disgusting cult of celebrity people participate in every day.


Formally, this is a 1st am post.


Sorry beschizza, I didn’t really mean that directed at you and this post, per say. It seems every time I go on Reddit lately, it’s filled with Depp/Heard memes and rants, with people picking sides (and your post is pointing out the same thing). Should have made that more clear.


If Depp really wanted to take Heard’s abuse charges out of the public eye, then I think he really made a mistake pursuing the libel trial. If he had left well enough alone, Herad’s editorial, which didn’t mention Depp by name, would have been forgotten as other scandals came to the fore. Instead, Depp decided for whatever reason to keep the charge that he was an abuser in the public eye through filing multiple suits. Maybe he thought he could clear his name. Maybe he thought he could muddy Heard’s name. I don’t know. All I know is that I was barely aware of their divorce and was barely aware of the abuse charges at the time of the divorce (not a Depp or Heard fan so I didn’t pay attention). But Depp’s suits revived the whole story and the media covering it day to day just keeps it front and center.

I don’t know who did what in the marriage and I don’t really care. I do think that even if Depp wins, it will be a Pyrrhic victory and he will lose more than he gains. After all, he was getting work, including in the Fantastic Beasts series until this who mess hit the public eye AGAIN. He reputation had recovered. Now, he has to rebuild again. Heard, too, is being made to look very bad, but she didn’t start the binge of law suits. It’s just a mess all around.

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This is all so exhausting. I hope whatever happens neither ends up in a place where they’re likely to continue to hurt each other or anyone else.


There’s an impressive amount of fawning defense of Depp on Reddit and Imgur.

I have learned not to engage with mob mentality.

(I have concluded that the whole Depp-Heard situation is a sorry mess and I choose no sides)

Edit: come to think of it, the amount of fawning makes me suspicious of astroturfing

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In 2020, he was fired in the wake of this other lawsuit against the Sun.

Amber Heard’s article (in December 2018) has only an oblique mention

Then two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out.

plus the headline:

“I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.”

but headlines are rarely written by the contributors.


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and now the ACLU is caught up in this stupid shit.


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I mean, even if she also was abusive, that doesn’t make him being abusive right or justifiably. If she was being abusive, then he should have LEFT or tried to get her help. In other words, neither of them are looking good right now, and none of us should be making light of domestic abuse of any kind. That doesn’t change just because we’ve all seen them in this or that film…

If nothing else, this really has brought to light that both of them really do need some real help and I hope they both get it.

Could be. Not unknown, especially from someone trying to revive his career.


Don’t think she’s even a character in the show,.

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It’s hard for me to understand sleb- and courtroom-worship/-obsession. I have read many biographies, and autobiographies, b/c some people do interest me, but they’re usually historical, V rarely current. People are people, no matter how talented, evil, powerful, rich, or pretty they may be. All of us hafta visit the bathroom, catch colds, get our hearts broken. Why some are elevated to dizzying heights of worship is silly.

The courtroom obsession really flummoxes me. It seemed to increase along w/Yankistan’s litiginousness. When we 1st got cable tv in '84, a suggestion for a court tv channel would’ve been laughed right outta the meeting. Fast fwd to the late 2010s, and one of our local news stations ran what amt’ed to an ad re: the latest “big” case on court tv during the noon news! Said cases were gen’lly something akin to awful meatspace soap operas or grisly killings. They eventually quit doing that, and now I think of it, it has been quite some time since they did. I DALR and found out the local channel is owned by the same company as court tv.

I figure most people prefer avoiding court, so the poopularity of court tv, etc seems particularly odd.


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That article. The editorial decisions and discussions about timing it with fucking Aquaman. Holy shit. I’d ignored the rest of this bullshit but that’s so depressing.