Johns Hopkins University seeks DMT psychonauts who have met machine elves!


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as qualified as I may be, I’d rather not join anything that would have me as a member


I don’t qualify but i’ll definitely give it my best shot


I have a friend who says he met them but man I don’t know. I never met no elves.

kicks rock ruefully


the experiences of people who have had encounters with seemingly autonomous beings or entities after taking DMT."

Wow, I could keep them busy into the next century.


Can’t help but hear it in this voice:


@Flossaluzitarin I think somebody wants to talk to you


God I wish I was brave enough to try DMT but seriously I already had some weird experiences I’m not sure mixing my own inherent instabilities with a psychotropic drug would be a good idea.


They whisper in my ears all the time but I don’t tend to actually SEE them. Now, maybe I just need to consume some DMT, and they will be right there… That’s basically how it’s been described to me.


I’m having

encounters with seemingly autonomous beings or entities

right now.


Actual first question of survey:

Have you completed this survey before?


Back in the 1950’s the media told people what aliens look like, and people began obediently hallucinating aliens. I wonder if this is an experiment to confirm those results?


My concern is whether they have ever seen me.


Jacques Vallée has done some theorizing along these lines about UFO encounters – extraordinary events which shape, and are shaped by, the culture of the witnesses, e.g. Ezekiel saw a wheel of fire in the sky.


OK, I’m revising my answer to… yes. Yes I’ve seen them. Heheh


I have encounters with seemingly autonomous beings almost every night. It happens during things called “dreams”. They aren’t really autonomous, but creations of my internal intelligent holodeck.


Wow, I am totally interested in meeting machine elves, digital lacunii, or even a consensus tulpa (though only briefly! never hang out too long with reality warping entities…just soak up that wisdom-sunshine and move on.)


And maybe you could have a far more fruitful conversation then, too.
Come to an understanding, share info etc…


Same here, but I did see this:

And that was just the beginning.


The spinning fractal chrysanthemum. Mine didn’t have eyeballs!