Join in the chant! Massive new Nitzer Ebb box set on the way

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The chant “Muscle and Hate” hasn’t really aged well. And though they started strong with That Total Age, they were about done by the woefully titled Ebbhead.

Agreed, @_osivot. There’s really no reason to listen to anything after Ebbhead. It, and Showtime had too much filler. I was happy going back and just playing Belief all day long.

On an barely-related note, I was just going through my collection of 30-year old floppies to see what files I could recover. This was among them and I was just thinking about it!

/throws rusty chains against sheet metal in parking garage

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Shout donutshop.
Shout Donut Shop.
Shout Donut Shop.
Shout Donut Shop.
Lift up your heart.

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