Jon Bernthal to return as the Punisher for Daredevil: Born Again

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Cool, I thought he made a good Punisher. Charlie Cox is a great Daredevil.


I’m confused. I thought the Netflix TV shows were already canonically part of MCU continuity? They definitely made references to the events of the Avenger movies.

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The TV shows mentions movie events, outside of Matt Murdock in the last Spiderman, the movies didn’t really reference characters from the TV shows. Same with Agents of Shield. It’s a distinction of interest among some fans, I’ve never found it important.

That said, Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson were awesome in DD, and I hope they make the jump to the new series.


They were. And then they took them off Netflix and disappeared them. A damn shame, as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were both excellent shows…


Jessica Henwick from Ironfist was also good.


I never got around to Ironfist, but she was great in The Defenders! Was it her and Rosario Dawson kicking ass in that one scene in a bar?

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This one with her and Simone Missick? Or was there another one with her and Dawson?

Ironfist was definitely the one of the Defenders to miss.


Ah! No, that was it! It’s been a while since I’ve seen it! What a great scene!


my view, and i know not one held by most here abouts, is that they’re not truly part of the continuity because of that distinction

where it might show up: there could be an mcu daredevil with no karen and no foggy, a past that is at odds with the netflix show

an already concrete example: im not sure that netflix daredevil ever would have worn the more colorful suit - same for kingpin really - but yeah, it’s hard to say it matters at all especially when it’s the same actors playing the “same” characters

the same in quotes because the comics themselves have rebooted their own characters countless times, taking some aspects or not of the previous books(*). and im sure the mcu proper already has some continuity errors and issues

(* if you replace every part of iron man’s suit one at a time, is it really the same iron man anymore? something something ships and car parts )


It was a damn shame that they did not incorporate them…


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