Jordan B Peterson, psychology professor, claims marriage prevents sexual assault


“With all the accusations of sex assault emerging (eg Louis CK) we are going to soon remember why sex was traditionally enshrined in marriage…”


What a dumb asshole.

Rape is caused by rapists. It’s not caused by “unattached females”.


I was going to write a longer piece on why Jordan Peterson is a complete fucking moron… But his tweet speaks for himself.

Checkout for your daily dose of neo-Marxist cultural marxist indoctrination - I mean, Peterson and his insane cult of Gamergators getting called out for what they say

Fuckboi in question pulls over $600,000 a year on Patreon for his hate speech. JFC.


I don’t see how marxism factors in…?


I forgot to add Post-Modernist. To Peterson, anyone disaggreeing is a filthy Jew part of the International Neo-Marxist PostModernist Cultural Conspiracy

Like I say, he’s a fucking moron. With a dangerous cult following.


I think he’s attacking the rape accusations from a MRA perspective. I have no desire to research this though, my mental health is in it’s winter decline as it is.


In a twisted way, he is right. Marriage makes it harder to press charges against a man for raping his partner.


"Jordan B Peterson… claims marriage prevents sexual assault"

That’s “hilarious”…


And, oh, how idiotic his defenders are. Apologies for the shitty screenshot quality.


Give me about two days and I will be able to stop horror-laughing.

He’s officially on my list.


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