Judge awards $100,000 to gay couple illegally refused marriage certificate

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Yay, but also Damn because you know supporters are just going to fund her cause. :man_shrugging:


What do you know, a religious rights case that’s not completely fake.


Sure, but first she’s going to refuse to pay the fine. Then she’s going to file for appeals and grift her supporters for lawyer’s fees. And then she’s going to grift her followers for lawyer’s fees to fight the arrest for refusing to pay the fine. And then finally she’ll grift her supporters to pay the fine.

This is a slightly different world than the one she rose to prominence in. She doesn’t need Mike Huckabee to show up for support, she just needs to get a TikTok account and hundreds of thousands of rubes will flock in to buy whatever she’s selling.


That said, right-wingers see the case as an opportunity for the current U.S. Supreme Court to find some wedge to get more God into government

Regardless of what I believe, I’m well over seeing God being injected into anything outside of personal life and trips to church. Nearly every baseball game I watched on 9/11 sang “God Bless America” as a tribute. Why not “This Land is your land” or Cash’s “Ragged old Flag”?


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Yesterday’s entry said she might be on the hook for the money, but this one says she is on the hook. It says a jury made the award Wednesday (yesterday).

My fear: when this gets adjudicated by the Supreme Court they extend qualified immunity to elected officials.


My assumption is that the local government will do the actually paying. ie., she screws the taxpayers with no personal liability. I would be very happy to be wrong about that, however.


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It looks like she was sued personally as well as in her professional capacity. I couldn’t find the legal papers on who the judgement was against, but this is the header from the original filing:

David ERMOLD and David Moore, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. Kim DAVIS, Individually and in her Official Capacity as Rowan County Clerk, Defendant-Appellee.


I hope so. This stuff (as well as judgements against corporations etc.) really need to make the responsible person pay, either literally (and enough) or jail time.

Thanks for looking that up, BTW.


… Fox News would lose their minds if anybody ever sang “Imagine” at a sporting event :thinking:


Is she Pentacostal? She looks like it. The hair, the sour expression, the arrogance. Anyway, although willing to impose certain religious beliefs on others, their beliefs don’t seem to exclude divorce, multiple marriages and children born out of wedlock.


Davis says she experienced a religious awakening in 2011, following her mother-in-law’s dying wish that she attend church.[14] Since then Davis has identified herself as a Christian, belonging to the Apostolic Pentecostal movement,[196] which favors what they describe as a literal interpretation of the Bible.[197] She worships three times a week[198] at the Solid Rock Apostolic Church near Morehead.[14][199] Following her conversion, Davis let her hair grow long, stopped wearing makeup and jewelry, and began wearing skirts and dresses that fall below the knee, in keeping with Apostolic Pentecostal tenets regarding outward holiness and modest dress.[98][199] She also held a weekly Bible study for female inmates at the local jail.[14][199] In an interview in January 2016, Davis said that she believed that “we are living in end times.”[200] Davis also expressed her view that the Bible is infallible.[200]

Eeeyup. Sounds about right. I worked with a lady who went to a Pentecostal church. She was nice (very sweetly so), but then wasn’t so happy with me when I refused to go to church events with her. I am extremely non-religious. We found a “meet in the middle” agreement to be able to work together.


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I’m OK with that. Hire bigoted assholes, pay the bigot price.

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If everybody in the area had hired her, fine, but they didn’t. A large minority, at least, of people there did not but will pay for it (unless she actually pays this herself).

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It’s…completely surprising…how insufficiently underpaid service sector workers; rather than people like this literally refusing to do their jobs, that are implied by the phrase “no one wants to work anymore”.