'Just gonna leave this massive Star Wars spoiler here'


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Technically, that’s not a spoiler. It’s a wing. Wings use the Bernoulli effect for lift; spoilers use it to push down on the back of the car for better traction. That has the wrong cross-section shape to be a spoiler.

So, technically, anywhere that picture was posted would still be spoiler-free!


I wonder why race cars would desire lift over the rear wheels, rather than downforce?


You just made pedantry adorable. I’m really impressed!


Thanks for that. Although I got the “spoiler” part I thought perhaps that there was a Fast and Furious chase in the new Star Wars movie, which would’ve kept me from watching it. :wink:


SPOILER. Geeze. What the hell Boing Boing. The movie is totes ruined now :B


I might have to disagree. The angle of it implies that it’s for downward force, and it looks like a car spoiler. Why would they make one designed to give lift in the first place?


Cool! Was that thing mounted on the starship Enterprise?


I think they had it mounted on Spaceball One.


That’s from Battlestar Galactica, right?


Nah, it’s from Battle Beyond the Stars, I think.


I’m voting for spoiler over wing.


I could’ve sworn it was Message From Space.



I don’t contest that it’s called a wing; that’s what they call 'em in Indycar and probably F1. But I do think they’re still designed for downforce, unlike an aircraft’s wing.


Yes, and they are wings of course, whether the force they provide is down or up.

Just not THE force. Of course.


Its the red wedding all over again. Sheesh!


Lift is a force at right angles to motion of a wing in air. Whether the wing is pushing up or down, it’s still called lift, because the first use of this force was to lift an airplane into the air. The wings on race cars all push down.

Isn’t pedantry fun?


…i hardly know her.