Justice Dept.: Cleveland police systematically uses excessive force


Judging by the current pattern of how things are going nothing’s going to come of this. The dept will get a slap on the wrist at most, and then back to beating civilians savagely while telling them not to resist.


I wonder that they don’t fear anything. There is so many ways to strike back - sell them rotten food, shun them, bully their children, write their names on the walls, refuse do services for them… We have to fear them when they are in service, THEY HAVE TO FEAR US for the rest of their lives.


It’s not about fear though. It’s about respect. Clearly they view the communities that they serve with contempt or at least disinterest. If an officer does not care about his community then how can we expect them to treat civilians justly? We treat them harshly as well, i’m sure this can tarnish their expectations but the people are reacting to their violence.


I must admit, that you are right. The only way that brings long term solution is to make them see that they are just ordinary people too - and not some half gods that rule over our lives. This situaton is not new though - Alredy in old rome the tax collectors were relatively wealthy, but normal people held them for unclean. So to close it somehow: I am not for unlimited agression, but the policemen have to feel consequences of their actions somehow. The right question is: What do we learn them by doing nothing ?

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I like the idea of the community coming together to shun the officers. Simply asking them to leave an establishment when they come in or telling them that their business is not wanted there. Make them outcasts, let them know that the people are angry and will not tolerate them acting that way towards the citizens. It becomes very demeaning to their kids when all the other kids reject their kids at school and ignore them as a way of protest.


That would just end by transforming into a protection racket. Shun the police, and they’ll remind the business owner that those windows look awfully breakable, and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to this place, would you? Good thing we’re looking out for you. Now get back in the kitchen and make me my sandwich.

They probably get thrown under a federal injunction and lose control of their own police force for a few years, a la Seattle.


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