Kanye gave Kim a hologram of her dead father

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That’s sweet and all but don’t forget, this is a Kanye project through and through…


I… I have so many questions…

  1. WTF is a “peefee”? Is that a fart? That is how you know your dad is around 0_o?

  2. It is a neat hologram, but is the voice correct? If so is that some AI construction based on fed in audio?

  3. Wow - a most genius man some how managed to ruin this already weird present by making it about him.

  4. It is kind of a sweet sentiment… executed… oddly. I am not sure if this would be cool or creepy for me to experience. I guess if Kim likes it more power to them.

  5. WTF is a “peefee”?


Immortalize the man who defended OJ


He seemed to regret it a bit later in life. Or at least admitted he had his doubts about his innocence. They stopped talking after that.

As for the hologram, if it made her happy, great. But yeah, the whole thing would be too creepy for me to ever approach, let alone that ridiculous “most, most, most, MOST genius man” stuff that Kanye threw in. I know, he’s got issues, just let it go.


That made me make a face I’ve never made: a mashup of creeped out and what the fuck.

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I did not watch the whole thing. It got a little weird around the song part, so I bailed.

But I have to say - this is a very thoughtful gift in a world of thoughtless gifts (gift card, anyone?). My wife struggles with grief over her passed father and this is the kind of thing she would cherish and/or bawl at on a daily basis. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. But to take a shot at grief or loss by creating a “living” memento - dang Kanye, you’re making me bring on the waterworks.

my face started out on what the fuck and never shifted. kanye was seriously off his meds when he dreamed this up.


Letting it go is great advice.
I’m in the camp of not overlooking Kanye’s mental illness. It’s unfortunate that his wealth and power comes with people enabling his decision not to take medication because it inhibits his creativity which is the money maker for a lot of people clinging on to his life force as a regular job.
My guess is Kanye’s been neck deep in Ray Kurzweil lately.


What’s a tiny Mercedes?

Nothing personal, but I come to Boing Boing so that my feed isn’t infected with these bacteria.

They want you to obsess about how horrible they are. That’s their game. Don’t play it.


A small car? A quick google he had a car like this at one point.

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Yah, but it IS cool technology. If only it was harnessed for good.

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Post-humans are weird.

He didn’t do anything wrong in defending somebody accused of a crime. OJ obviously did it, but the cops also planted evidence and were framing a guilty man. The only people anybody who didn’t like the outcome in that case should be mad at are the wildly incompetent prosecutors and the dirty cops who fucked the case. Seriously, Clark and Darden’s handling of that case and their arguments are used as textbook examples of terrible legal advocacy.


Now, be nice. That hologram is no less real than the rest of the family.


As if the lip-sync mismatch wasn’t bad enough. Le barf.

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Not an actual hologram. It’s a projection on some glass, aka “Pepper’s Ghost”. We don’t have the tech to do free-floating volumetric projects at this point. But thanks to Microsoft, CNN, and a couple entertainment companies, people think we have the tech for Star Wars-style holograms.


Sure, if you consider shining a projector onto a piece of glass “cool technology” I guess. This isn’t a hologram. It’s a Pepper’s Ghost illusion, which we’ve been doing since 1862.


I made it to the song before I bailed. Wow.

Who gives a shit about these non-entities?! I wish the media would stop obsessively reporting on every fart these superficial hollow people emit.