Kanye West escorted out of Skechers HQ after turning up uninvited

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Christ, what an asshole


He’s too sketchy for Skechers.


I agree Ye is probably unwell, he has revealed a bipolar diagnosis. But he isn’t incompetent or unable to make his own decisions. Including his decision to not get adequate mental health care. There really isn’t any way to protect him. He doesn’t particularly deserve protection, though all the ppl he is harming by amplifying his racist and antisemitic views do.
Also, being bipolar doesn’t make someone a raging anti-Semite or a racist. I have no sympathy for him.


Sure, he may have issues beyond being a narcissist who’s head is so far up his own ass he’s lost track of where it is, but he also does not seem to be completely without agency. Having mental health issues is not an excuse for being a douchebag.


Other chains reported to be in security lockdowns.


Oftentimes when someone has severe mental illness, like Kanye, they don’t know that it is in their best interest to get into an inpatient facility, get on some meds and counseling, and try to get their mind straightened back up. A lot of people deny they even have any kind of mental illness in the first place and it takes legal intervention before they even get help.

Ultimately it takes a “rock bottom” incident, like becoming homeless for an extended period of time, et cetera, before anyone seeks help for their illness. With Kanye, who lets face it, is going to have way more money and resources to enable him NOT to get help than the average person, he’s not going to get help from anyone. He is going to have tons of people sponging off him, and “yes men” to keep him going as a cash cow for their personal gain.

I agree with you, this is his inner personality coming out, the guy has demons, there is that initial seed of hate and distrust that is being magnified. I don’t particularly like him, and I certainly do not agree with his views. I think it’s horrible that people are taking up his racist mantle and going forward with it. That being said, no one chooses to have mental illness. As someone who has worked in mental health, and worked one on one with people who suffer from bipolar disorder, they don’t want to have it. Their lives are hell because of their mental illness, and it is not their fault that they have it. I always thought that it was kind of unfair to them to hate them for the disorder they have, and to even hate them for what they are doing as a result of it, because basically they are unequipped to even get help for themselves because they are too far gone. Maybe I’m rambling a bit, but that’s just how I see it.


Maybe we should ask Britney Spears’ dad.


Especially given that Skechers was founded by and is still run by a Jewish family.


He still has too much money for this to technically be a bum’s rush, but he’s headed in that direction.

If nothing else, I hope the prospect of losing their gravy train convinces one or more of his sycophant entourage to encourage him to seek the help he so obviously needs. It may not (and likely won’t) stop him from being an arsehole but mental health issues like his are jerk multiplying factors that need to be addressed.


Stop exonerating this asshole because he has mental health issues! It’s ignoring the fact that he has always acted like this. It’s ignoring the fact that the latent racism, anti-semitism and misogyny he expresses has been normalized on a literal global scale the past few years by shameless personalities like him. No one gave Roseanne a pass for her bullshit despite having been a longtime advocate for mental health based on her own struggles and childhood abuse and she’s been public about her disassociative personality disorder since the 90s. She’s also been an asshole since then and people have no compunction about calling her out for it and I don’t remember anyone qualifying her bullshit with constant reminders of the very real trauma she endured. That, in itself plays right into his bullshit misogyny. This guy has never been anything but a self-aggrandizing piece of shit and he still has half the media carrying water for him.

Just stop already.


I have mental illness. I understand how that works. I get exactly how hard it is to get help when suffering from a mental illness. It would be great if someone could help Ye get the help he needs. But at the end of the day, every person is responsible for themself. Ye has chosen to not get adequate mental health care. Is it fucking hard to get help when a person is in the throes of mental illness? Yes. It’s really really hard. Ideally, he would have people in his life to help him with that decision and smooth the road to getting better. But he’s either refusing to let those people help or he drove them all away. People in far more dire personal circumstances get themselves help. Instead, he is hurting other people and is a unique position to harm a lot of people
I don’t hate him because he is bipolar. I hate what he is choosing to do and I refuse to give him a pass on his bigotry because he is mentally ill.


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Mental illness is not a cause of bigotry or cruelty…


Is the fashion industry finally going to admit that all his stuff is ugly and his designs look like when I grab some of my husbands old shirts when I’m going to paint? Sort of like an “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment?


Ah. I was thinking that no one told him he was wearing bird poop.


It’s weird to think that the overly rich and the overly poor are sometimes the one who get the worst mental health care.


Second 5150 hold when?

… Surely, at this point, there’s a book running on this at some pub in the UK.

Never go full John DuPont.


That almost adds a punchline to this whole mess.

Ironically, even if the company wasn’t, you can bet Kanye would accuse them of such while being escorted out of the building.


I don’t deny that the people goading West on and enabling his hatred are vile opportunists, but that doesn’t negate his own conscious choice to be a bigoted dickhead.


Came here to say this as well. Sure he might be taken advantage of to some extent, bur he’s not a child that’s completely unaware of what’s going on. He might have some issues but he’s repeatedly shown on many occasions that he’s a piece of shit