Karine Jean-Pierre expertly handles an insincere question

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JFC, the radio personality can’t imagine where the “fragility of this person” comes from :roll_eyes:
First off, there is no fragility there, just some very reasonable push back.
Secondly, do they ever listen to their own golden idol?!?


That guy is milking his 7 minutes for all it’s worth.

We have a relatively new station in Detroit with the same type of hosts. Since Rush went away everyone is auditioning for the job.

That radio station is one big shill for that ex president guy.


Does ‘WBT’ stand for ‘with bacon and tomato’?
eta: /s :grin:


WBT is one of the oldest (and most powerful at 50,000 watts) radio callsigns in the country, being given the three letter designation in 1922. East of the Mississippi you got a “W”, west of the Mississippi you got a “K”. In the beginning they were assigned sequentially from the second letter (A,B,C and so forth) while the third letter was seemingly random. By 1925, new stations could pick their own callsigns, and with their proliferation the number was increased from 3 to 4 allowable letters.

TL;DNR - WBT means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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“And bless your little heart too.”


This breaks my heart; WBT used to be THE station to listen to when I was a teenager (late 60s-70s) and then a young married-with-children. Educated DJs who were funny, good music, news - it was worth listening to – then.

I admit to not being much of a radio person any more, but I didn’t realize WBT had sunk so low till now.


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