'Karma restored': mythical London Stone returns to its City home



Really just an excuse to post this vid. Fare thee well.



Now imagine what would happen if the Elgin Marbles went back to Greece.


Good. They returned the Stone of Scone to Scotland November 1996, and have been suffering from a lack of stones since then. (A Stone of Scone, but perhaps not The Stone of Scone.)


Maybe they should have asked Carlisle for theirs 15 years ago.




I’m confused. Was it The Thing and The Whole of The Thing, or wasn’t it?


Actually, it was a whole 'nother thing.


Many a kingly buttock has graced it.


I will taste this idea, and in the dark of my … heart… I will brood on it to see if it answers the question. There might be a grain of Truth to it, if One is willing to sit this one out.


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