Kavanaugh accused of sexual misconduct in letter provided by Feinstein to federal investigators: REPORT


Thus the underlying point of my initial post.


Actually, we do. Senator Feinstein is raising a genuine issue that is really bad and should disqualify Kavanaugh, were it not for the quislings and spineless bumblefucks that call themselves Republicans nowadays. Now go back to peddling your KGB style of disinformation somewhere else, whydontya?


Oh, and one more thing is that the quislings and spineless bumblefucks that call themselves Republican senators will ignore this as much as they can, since their voters think being accused sexual assault is a sign of virility.


If you assume it was another student, they won’t help. Yeah, probably not staff either, but wow would that be a stunner!


Good point. But she might not have made an accusation at the time.


Just checking in to see if the both-sider handwringers are all good with the prospect of an alleged rapist joining the black-robed kings and queens of America for the rest of his life, now that those new details have emerged.


Yes, if she’d only given the documents to some sort of investigators who have the ability to investigate federal employees… Too bad she didn’t… /s


And then only if the dead girl was a good white, christian girl who was a virgin prior to her death…


She’s protecting a victim of sexual assault, how is that a bad thing? She gave the documents to the proper authorities, too.


Sadly, that’s probably so.


Rape is a crime.


I applaud DF for referring any credible information to the proper authorities. That’s the right thing to do.

So what was the point of the press release, apart from merely gratuitous pot stirring?


I suspect because Republicans have been doing their level best to silence any hint of negativity surrounding their nominee, so relying on them to do the right thing would be akin to hoping for rain on Mars.


Not only doing their level best, but they clearly knew about this months ago and refused to bring it up (hence hiding all those documents, some of which surely dealt with this attempted rape). See: today’s letter released by the judiciary signed by 65 women who did NOT get raped by Kavanaugh and will attest to his high character. They were well aware of the charge, and prepped for it ahead of time, because there’s no way you get that letter signed by 65 women who knew him way back then in such a short period of time.

It’s not the Dems acting in bad faith, it’s the GOP. Once again. No shock there of course, that’s all the GOP know how to do at this point.


Do you really want a rapist on the supreme court? Even if it was when he was a teenager? Plus what @alahmnat said.


Especially since, as has been pointed out, he went to an all-boys high school so it’s not like they could just skim through his yearbook for female character witnesses.

I will say, I don’t think it’s appropriate for DF to have sat on this until now simply because she considered it a “personal” problem rather than a legal one (as if raping someone isn’t something that could be considered an impeachment of character). From the sound of today’s reporting, it seems like the media had gotten wind of the woman’s letter in some capacity and were starting to question the rest of the Dems on the committee about it, which subsequently seems to have forced her hand.


Of course not. But what does that have to do with my comment?


It has to do with why Feinstein put the press release out, because it has to do with the public and our right to know who the GOP is pushing into positions of power. It’s a matter of public interest, because it’s the supreme court, the highest court in the land, for life. And as Kavanaugh is relatively young, that could be for decades to come. The public has a right to know this information and to contact our elected officials who have power to make this appointment. And given that Feinstein had already done the right thing with regards to him (giving the information to the FBI) she let US know what was happening, so that WE could make an informed decision on whether to support his appointment or not.

Given that the GOP has changed to rules for getting SC appointments through with a simple majority, this (informing the public) is one of the few tools the Democrats have at this point to raise awareness of possible problems with Kavanaugh. I’m truly trying to understand why you think that her doing this must have to do with partisan politics as opposed to protecting the health of women in America by opposing the appointment of someone who will very much continue along the path of making women’s health decisions for them.


You look at that nothingburger of a press release, and you see DF acting competently? She could have questioned BK under oath on this, but chose not to. Why not? My take is that there is nothing provable (35 year old allegation with no corroborating evidence and no complainant), and DF wanted to squeeze some partisan juice from this turnip.


That’s a good question. However, how do you think the GOP dominated committee would have handled that? How did they handle Harris or Booker seeking to question Kavanaugh? How about the fact that they literally waited until THE DAY BEFORE THE HEARINGS to release 40,000 documents? Do you honestly think that DF is the real bad guy here?

And the GOP doesn’t so this shit all the time? They literally held up Obama’s nomination for almost an entire year with partisan bullshit. Who the fuck cares if she released a statement that she sent evidence of a crime in his past to the proper authorities? Is she really the worst person in the congress for doing this, much less in Washington?

He doesn’t need to be on the bench. My rights are at stake here. It maybe an intellectual exercise to you, but it’s not to me. Women are fucked if he gets on the court, if any GOP appointee gets on the court. The GOP has made sure that they can literally do whatever they want with no checks or balances now.