Kentucky lawmaker shoots himself after being accused of molesting teenager

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As much as I don’t like to make light of suicide, it’s hard to not say this guy did the “right thing”. I only half mean that.


I feel bad for the guys family, but most of all I feel bad for the victim. Thanks to the creep’s final act of selfishness, the victim will never have the opportunity to seek justice and confront the accused.


In 2013, then 17-year-old Maranda Richmond had to ward off a drunk evangelical pastor – Dan Johnson – who kissed her and put his hands underneath her clothes inside a church on New Years Day.

What, an evangelical man of the cloth turned loudmouthed family-values politician doing this? How could this be? Must be one of those “bad apple” situations.

Johnson posted a message on his Facebook page Wednesday evening, saying the accusations “are false” and 'only God knows the truth." The post appears to have been deleted.

I guess he decided to let God know first-hand. Boy, is he in for a surprise.


God spoke to him and said, “Dan, stop using my name in vain.”


Personally, knowing he was dead and I wouldn’t have to worry about him hurting me or someone else is justice enough. YMMV


A small consolation, but a consolation nonetheless. Good point.


So he evades justice as a coward would.


And there seems to be even more to the story. From the WaPo article;

…the seven-month investigation, comprised of more than 100 interviews and thousands of pages of public records, alleges the Republican’s persona is orchestrated to mask troubling incidents — including sexual abuse, arson and false testimony.


I think we can all safely assume these allegations are true.


Something similar happened on the local county political circuit in '02, 03? Article about it long gone now, but the guy was dead to rights having an affair with a pair of 15 year olds. Drove his muscle car into a bridge piling, but not ruled a suicide. (Probably him or wife has cop friends; I recall my friends working insurance at the time figuring the county avoided the suicide call so there wouldn’t be problems with the life insurance payout to the widow and family).

I think we all know what party the guy was registered with, given this week’s news…




If that is only a small consolation, what would “justice” do? Hell this way the victim doesn’t have to endure a trial or being drug through the mud.

I know someone who was raped for years by her step father and was found innocent at trial. Justice doesn’t always happen.


In the chilling, since-deleted post, Johnson added: “I cannot handle it any longer . . . BUT HEAVEN IS MY HOME.”’

Eh, not so fast, buddy. You might have been the “Pope” of your church, but the actual Pope will point out suicide is a mortal sin that can lead to damnation.


Here’s more of that deleted note:
“The accusations from NPR are false GOD and only GOD knows the truth, nothing is the way they make it out to be. AMERICA will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news. Conservatives take a stand.” Also, “Forgive and Love everyone especially yourself” and “blame no person, Satan is the accuser so blame the Devil himself.”

And then the kicker (courtesy TheSlot.Jezebel):
Johnson’s friend and occasional spokesperson David Adams said of Johnson’s passing, “The only thing I’d say is to honor his wishes and blame only Satan.” Comments for the article go into some of the charges this guy has faced…


ALSO: He held a press conference two days ago to address the allegations, at which he apparently felt moved by the spirit to sing some hymns on camera for a bit before making his actual statement. [Video included!]


It’s ok. My first thought really was “Now THAT is how you apologize for molestation.”


I’m fine with anyone who wants to blame Satan. The guy is dead and can’t be further affected by anything we do.

It’d be nice if those that blame Satan supported cultural changes to stop Satan from having so much influence over things, though.


The problem is they are and their program is to roll back same sex marriage to address it.

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I had to look this guy up. I encourage others to do so so that they may see how brazenly amoral and openly criminal a person can be and still obtain a significant elected position. Not because I think that it will surprise people so much as it will show that Trump is not a new thing. Unambiguously terrible people who do things that virtually none of their electorate would be comfortable with have been holding public office for ages.