Kentucky's former GOP governor pardoned a bunch of rapists and murderers on his way out of office, including a child rapist

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Mister Bevin, fuck you.


I want governors all around the country to more aggressively use the power to pardon and/or commute sentences. But what the actual fuck?


I wonder what office Schoettle is going to run for?


That’s nothing Washington has a Republican who’s a straight up, actual terrorist.


It really seems like if a septic ingrown anal hair ran for public office in Kentucky, it’d be run out of town for not being disgusting enough


Also included -


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123… Bevin is awarded a plumb position in tRump’s cabinet of cronies.


An obvious ploy. By pardoning all these people, the out-going Republican will create a noticeable increase in the crime rate. In the next elections, the Republicans can claim this is because the Democrats are soft on crime.




Two words…this stinks.


“A partisan group of Kentucky lawmakers…”

I imagine Partisan Lawmakers hiding out in the woods and wearing berets.

There’s a whole generation growing up politically aware because of Trump, and they need to know that Republicans were horrible before Trump and they will be horrible after Trump. This is a good one to bookmark.


So what happens if a grown woman is raped, who has had consensual sex before, and wouldn’t neccesarily have a hymen? Lets forget anal does nothing in this arguement, which makes all of this even more absurd.

Is it supposed to be impossible to prove that somebody was raped unless they have a hymen to destroy?
So the only people who can supposedly be proven to not “make it up” are CHILDREN?

So now the Republican party has men that aqquit pedophiles. Yeah, and if my new Republican neighbors and more than half the assholes I work with who are knew that I hate Republicans, because of shit like this, what can I even say? They have no self-respect they will defend this moron at all costs because they think it’s somehow personally reflects on them.

They didn’t do it, and they could vote these people out but they won’t so in their mind it does.

The shit is just completely fucking disgusting. And this “man” is a monster, a horrible excuse for a human being, and becoming more representative of Republucan orthodoxy every day.

Let me be clear too- I support the idea of pardoning nonviolent criminals for certain things. I think it is possible some people only can get Justice that way. But I think the ability to give a pardon comes with one hell of a responsibility to overview the case.

This man has no idea how women’s bodies work at all and again is representative of the Republican Party.


I can’t even put into words how fucking stupid this asshole is


You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, Bevin. Your tree looks like it should be surrounded by barbed wire and patrolled by armed guards.

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He’s got you beat! Another of his pardons was for someone who was part of a group that sexually assaulted a teenage boy (to the point where life-saving surgery was required). Besides the undeniable physical evidence, there was video of the assault and a bunch of witnesses. His excuse for pardoning this particular attacker was because… his part in the assault wasn’t captured on video. Despite the fact that numerous independent witnesses identified him as one of the attackers and he even admitted having done it in texts he sent to friends.

So, you know, the governor is just looking for excuses to let sex offenders off the hook in general. (Not paying attention to the evidence and being given large campaign contributions by families of the offenders really helps with that.)


You know the answer to this. If she is “used” her value is gone and rape becomes meaningless! It is up to her husband to determine if he wants to press charges for damage to his property! What, she’s not married? Then she’s a slut and deserved it!

I only wish I were totally posting in jest, but there is more than one right winger out there who will process your question exactly in this manner. They suffer from a contagious disease and need to be quarantined.


Is there a way to throw the former GOVERNOR in jail?

What a horrible waste of cells, human garbage!