Kickstarting a clever, tiny wireless mouse/presentation controller designed for tight spaces

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Yeah, I’ve also been a fan of the ThinkPads for years. I use the touchpad and don’t have to bother with an external mouse. The trick is to get it setup with the right combination of acceleration and precision. When a touchpad is not setup well it’s a misery to work with, and I think this is why many dislike them. I spent about two days getting the touchpad on my Linux ThinkPad to work how I wanted (or just about, anyway).

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For a mouse?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’ll just stick with my tiny Dell WM-126 wireless mouse which also - being a mouse - works as a presentation clicker. And it lasts about 6 months on a single AA battery. And it costs about $20.


its not just a mouse man, the built in gyro means you can use gesture and swipe actions like on a touch screen, giving you over 8 other button actions that can be set in the configurable Control Panel. The presenter has better features than the Logitech Spotlight that’s priced at $129 !, advance slides, lazer pointer, highlight and a hold feature, and application switch - this is truly a loaded for travel mouse and a bargain at $89.

You can already buy one on Amazon.

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