Kickstarting a sketchbook to alleviate the terror and tyranny of the blank page


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Something like this for writers would be cool.

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It was a dark and stormy night…

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It sounds like the Anti-Colouring Book from the opposite direction - that was designed to be more open-ended than colouring books, this is designed to be less open-ended than blank paper. They end up occupying a similar space. (The Anti-Colouring Books have a bit more in the way of suggested activity than this seems to.)


This is very similar to a project that Shawn Smith of Shawnimals did a few months back.
Obviously there’s plent of room in the world for this sort of thing, but thought those interested in this one might be interested in both:

But is it made from 100% free-range ethically hunted trees? Because I could get behind it then.

(That and if we let anybody do this in exchange for planting 20 or so trees we’d reforest America nicely. If we made a contest of it then watch the deep south turn green!)

For $8000, I will compile a book of blank pages each filled with a single word that you can use to start any number of sentences!

I’d Kickstart that for a dollar!

I think actually there is one that I know of

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I have a few of these types of books. I bought mine here: I know of various other similar ones as well (someone mentioned the anti-colouring book)

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