Kid with autism saves classmate from choking death with cool trick he learned on SpongeBob SquarePants


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Do you think this makes up for all the kids SpongeBob has killled?


Great story, just one minor quibble: Great Kills is a neighborhood on Staten Island (Richmond County), NY. It is not a separate municipality.


Spongebob is a Buddha.


This story makes me happy.


in the photo she has her arm around him…poor guy! touching is not how you thank an autistic person! :slight_smile:


One weird trick


He saved her, and then was promptly expelled for inappropriate contact with another student.
Thanks zero tolerance policies!


Doesn’t it depend on the autistic person and the person touching them?


yes, it does depend. while touch aversion is common it isn’t universal.

i was partially joking and partially going off of his facial expression which made me think he was grinning and bearing it. :slight_smile:

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