Kids win a prize at a claw machine, and their victory celebration is a joy to watch


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this jazz hands epidemic is unstoppable


That’s how I react on Fridays at Happy Hour.


When I was down at Universal last week, I won this for my wife in a claw machine. Took about 4 tries…so $4 total. Which is what she costs retail. But this was far more satisfying…I am with these kids :slight_smile:


I was having a shitty day. This made me feel so much better. Thanks!


The Heelys totally make this.


These kids are actors. There’s NO WAY siblings those ages treat each other that well. In reality, the way this goes down is… Middle sister wins toy. Little brother screams and says ‘I want it!!!’ Middle sister says ‘No you stupid head, I won it, it’s mine!!!’ Bigger sister steals toy because, well, she’s bigger and hates her younger siblings who seem to get whatever they want. Little sister punches bigger sister hard, like really hard. All kids are screaming now and have to leave store. Dad throws robot away and grounds kids for misbehaving at the store. Cracks open and chugs a beer immediately after getting home and proceeds to tell wife about what ‘her kids’ just did at the store.


I refuse to indulge my kid with these. They are a horrible scam. You can program them to only use actual gripping force ever X number of tries. I’d rather just get her something she wants vs throw it away.



There are two kinds of parents in the world?


Epic victory dance is deserved.
Seriously, those claw games are rigged worse than any game at a carnival. The toys are packed in to make it impossible to dislodge one. If one somehow gets loose or is more likely deliberately left loose, it’s a loss leader that cost less than the price of one claw run to make. The claw has minimal grabbing ability; even if you managed to snag a toy, it’s usually too weighty at a couple of ounces for the claw to hold.


Heely-girl is super cool.


I believe this is the first documented case of someone actually winning at this game.


Yeah, no flies on her. She’s a happy mutant, fo sho.


This made my day. Cute kids being cute. And kudos on them for winning.


oh boy the cheat-o-matic is giving out another hit to keep us hooked! All hail the cheat-o-matic!


go middle child!


It’s a nice name.


Guy-claw-machine-victory is when she knows she married the right guy.

Even better vice versa.


I thought you might be a sneaker-skater.


The victory lap. Take it, you earned it.
Thanks for brightening my day.