Kim Davis welcome out of jail rally played “Eye of the Tiger” theme song


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In all sincerity, I gotta give some respect to anyone who bucks the groupthink these days by wearing overalls in public.


By the way, Huckabee once compared being gay to “drinking and swearing.”

So… totally natural?



“Religious freedom” in the most recent context is really about 2 things:

  1. Politics (USING anybody and everybody to achieve it’s current agenda), and
  2. the desire of anti-democracy religious fanatics to achieve a Christian theocracy in America. Essentially, the American Christian Taliban.

They are playing the long game and it’s for real.


Call me nostalgic, but I miss the days when anyone who used “Eye of the Tiger” as their theme song had to let the Heavyweight Champion of the World have a go at punching them in the face.


That video is terrifying, but the awesome result is that Survivor is pissed:


Oh man, that’s the funniest thing I have seen in a while…and then it verges on the scariest.



“Republican politicians* appropriating songs over the objection of the artists who wrote them” is a long and proud tradition!

*Yes, yes. I've heard Kim Davis isn't a Republican, but just look at who flocked to defend her bigotry.


suddenly, a holy Jesus appears!


So the Catholics will be running the country?



Also ironic, as Eye of the Tiger was written as a pro-homosexuality anthem.


I’m pretty sure God thinks Davis is a fucking asshole.


I don’t get why she and her brood think they won? The original federal judge released her only because the five deputy clerks were actually fulfilling their pledge to issue licenses to all, thus her incarceration was deemed unnecessary.


And the order will be reviewed every two weeks, to ensue continued compliance.


White Jesus scares us all…


It was? Citation for that, because if it’s true, that makes this fucking awesome.


This woman and all of her supporters are mentally ill.