Survivor bandmembers 'gobsmacked' at 'Eye of the Tiger' use in Kim Davis hate rally


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Ugh! Rocky III! He’s not obscure in that! He’s been World Champion and then dethroned by Mr. T! Don’t papers have fact checkers any more?!


I missed seeing the news report itself, but “Kim Davis breaks her silence” seems like a blatantly false headline. Her refusal to shut up about her alleged religious beliefs were what landed her in jail in the first place.


It’s kind of appropriate. After all, the song was cheering on someone who basically was beating up those who were less powerful than himself! :slight_smile:


Politicians have trouble with getting permission for music all the time. Heart was pretty pissed off that Sarah Palin had “Barracuda” used at her rallies. In fact, I think BB reported that…


I think the important thing is that Rocky III is getting some much needed love here.

It’s still not as good as IV, though.


That said, if she paid the proper licenses for the music, and did not tie it directly to a given campaign (as in, didn’t promote herself as the “Tiger”) , there’s not much that Survivor can do other than whine.


Seriously! This is the GIF that keeps on giving!


Whaaat? Clubber Lang isn’t less powerful than Rocky, he just wants the win more. Creed then has to convince Rocky he has to get hungry for winning again, and be better prepared and not underestimate people. Rocky only wins the second matchup because he fights smarter and is better prepared, not because he’s more powerful than Lang.

A real life variant of this same thing would be Tyson-Douglas, where Tyson simply wasn’t used to going ten rounds and was outsmarted by someone who avoided being knocked out early.


Well, IV just has that emotional depth due to Creed’s death due to his underestimating of an opponent. Which is really ironic given his talks to Rocky in III. Mickey’s death is powerful to Balboa but I think Creed’s was just surprising to the viewer.

Plus, if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change. But none of the sequels hold a candle to Rocky for me.


So did she quit her job or is she going to issue licenses to everybody?


For a second there I was wondering which band members had died, and then I was all, “Oh yeah…”


IV is definitely the underrated best of the series. Just throw all that realism pretense away and have Rocky achieve world peace by punching a Swede.


Needs more ice time with Talia Shire.


How about a new Rocky film with Jason Schwartzman as Adrian’s son? (he could fight Creed’s son).



I would easily pay twelve dollars to watch Jason Schwartzman be punched for two hours.



The other clerks are doing just fine keeping up with the licenses they’re supposed to issue so she’s out because apparently that means locking her up was pointless?


If only there had been a mix-up and the Weird Al version had been played instead. Probably would have been a lot easier to get permission for it.

♪…what a disgrace, guess the champ got too lazy…♪


No, it wasn’t pointless, it got her out of the way so her office could perform its duty. She went to jail for obstructing. Without her in the office the obstruction is gone. If she comes in tomorrow and demands that no more licenses be issued and obstructs her office’s duty the cycle can start all over again and put her right back in jail.

Or, she can stay out, quit, write a book, and make a shedload of money for this election year.