Kim Jong Un laughing alone on ski-lift


Now does he need the seat all to himself, is he too selfish to share, or does no one want to ride up with him?


Christ, what an asshole.

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I apply the flavorings from up here

Edit: Kim Jong Un applies the flavorings to Dennis Rodman’s snow cone haircut from an elevated perch.

No doubt he was thinking of that great Steven Wright joke:

I was on a ski lift with another person … no one I knew … and he didn’t say a word until we were half way up the mountain … then he said, ‘I haven’t been skiing in ten years.’ I said, ‘How come’ He said, ‘I was in jail.’ I didn’t say anything. He said, ‘You wanna know why’ I said, ‘Not really.’ He said, ‘I’ll tell you anyway … I was jailed for pushing a complete stranger off a ferris wheel.’ I said, ‘Oh yeah, I remember you.’


And by “laughing,” you mean “staring ahead stoically.”


It was the only way he could get some “me time” away from Dennis Rodman.


I guess he laughs like the Queen. (deadpan) “We are amused.”

What deep thoughts the horrible little dictator must have. “Did I eat three cakes or four today? I should stop at Wendy’s on the way home. Wait, I had Wendy’s yesterday. Is there a Jack in the Box on the way home? Hmm.”

Then ten hours later he’s back at home ordering the death of another one of his relatives.

this photo will be a something awful photoshop thread i hope.

I told that kid to move over. Why didn’t he just get off? Now I’ll look bad - again.
Dennis would know what to do.


It always bugs me that these people who have their own countries always screw them up, like history of North Korean leaders, Assad in Syria, Kaddafi in Libya, etc.

What a great opportunity it is to have an entire nation under your control. Why wouldn’t you want to treat your citizens with respect and dignity, work with other countries to achieve prosperity, and thereby ensure your own long term survival?

Talk about having everything and then throwing it away.

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That’s not the way power works.


Because the second you do any of those things, people might attempt to take power from you. Respect and dignity are dangerous poison to a dictatorship.

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It would be very unfortunate if the cable went loose and the lift fell on rocks.

Pretty simple, really: give your citizens too much respect and they’ll start to wonder why they don’t get a say in running the place.

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He got on with someone. But they turned out to a depraved counter-revolutionary and were arrested, tried and thrown off the lift moments before the photo was taken.

but he can’t be a dictator
because he doesn’t smoke
the same cigarettes as me

For a man riding a ski lift, it’s a little strange he has no skis nor board.

I wonder if he is thing: Look on my works ye mighty and despair.


My money is on Howard