Kit to study Venus Fly Traps


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Don’t try this at home. A trap can only close two or three times before it dies, and it costs the plant a lot to replace it. Don’t tease your Venus Fly Trap.

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By the way, Venus Fly Traps are fun, but can also be a difficult plant to cultivate. They like a lot of sun combined with a lot of humidity, and chlorinated tap water isn’t very good for them. That goes double for hard water, which can quickly kill them. They also need a cool dormancy period in the winter. And never fertilize your Venus Fly Trap. When I was a kid the fun guides suggested feeding them raw hamburger. Also a bad idea.

If you want something more low maintenance that looks just as cool, even if it doesn’t eat bugs, go with Faucaria tigrina.

Though, it does look like it might demand sacrifices…


Isn’t that the actual state flower of R’lyeh :open_mouth: ???

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