Kitty who don't fits can't sits

A few years ago my wife and I moved into an apartment while we were looking for a house. The apartment was smaller than our old duplex and we were planning to move after a month or two, so we put some bags of stuff in the second bathroom shower and closed the door.

We wake up the next morning to this THUMP THUMP THUMP MEOW sequence, which keeps repeating itself. One of our cats was just staring at us, but we couldn’t find the other.

Eventually we realize that the little bastard was in the shower, trying to jump out and failing. He had managed to jump on top of the shower–there was a gap of maybe 6-7 inches between it and the ceiling. Then of course he had fallen in.

I imagine he had a brief period of glory teetering up on the edge before it ended like your gif.


I’ve got a black cat that is at least the size of this one and I doubt she would even attempt a jump like that. But she is fast when she wants to be. She’s brought me birds, including pigeons. Now she seem to confine herself to the mice now infesting our entire apt. building.She’s really good at that.


Can I borrow her around Thanksgiving, when the weather turns cool? I will pet her and tell her she is a Good Cat and a Pretty Cat every day.


Poor cat. Look at the things at the ends of the shelf that he’s not going to be able to knock to the floor. That must be torture.


I had a dog like that. She’d been hungry the first year of her life, and never got over it, although she lived another 15 years or so.

If you knocked anything off the dinner table, she’d eat it instantly, regardless of whether it was food, or packing material, or the cap of a ballpoint pen, or whatever…




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