Knife hidden in a Kennedy half-dollar

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[A]ssuming your deep cover identity is as a harmless numismatist.

Blast. My cover’s blown. Although with that big line down the middle any numismatist is gonna look at that and say, yeah, it’s AG-3, maybe G-4 at best.


Part of Kennedy’s head missing because of a weapon? You dishonor his 8 years as president. What sort of alternate universe are you living in?


007 approves of this message.


This would have been a good place to link to that scene from The Rock where Sean Connery flattens a quarter and uses the resulting edge to cut through a pane of glass. But alas, Youtube fails to provide.


“According to CIA Director William Colby, a tiny saxitoxin-impregnated needle hidden inside a fake silver dollar was issued to Francis Gary Powers, an American U-2 pilot who was shot down while flying over the USSR in May 1960.” - From Wikipedia article “Suicide Pill”


Oh good. Now we’ll be forbidden from carrying change on planes.

Customer: "I’m looking for a knife that will be too small and oddly shaped to be useful, but with enough size and metal content to still set off metal detectors and millimeter wave scanners, preferably in a form factor that could come unsheathed accidentally so I can cut my fingers when I reach into my pocket for change. "

Retailer: “We’ve got just what you looking for!”

-This being said by someone who once owned the much larger and theoretically more useful Tekna Card knife and got cut when the stupid thing came open on its own. So, no BS knives for me. It is as important for knives to stay safely sheathed and closed as it is to be able to open them.


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