Kranch dressing is a real product you can buy

Ya know, a whole lot less fries and more other toppings like pepperoni, Italian sausage, kalmata olives, bell peppers and I can see this as a real thing.
ETA isn’t this basically “Russian” dressing made with ranch instead of mayo?

We’re on the right track here, just give in to the void,
mix all sauces together, it’s name shall be:
‘SHRUG - Saucy Sauce’
and then we’re done.

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I’ve long joked that if I had a fast metabolism, I’d eat nothing but steak fries and ranch dressing.

This sauce is sounding more appealing by the moment.

You’ve shown why they need someone other than Corporate lackeys to give input and feedback on their mad schemes. I took one look at that survey and noticed they missed the two most obvious choices - salt and vinegar. Diners in my area use either one or both much more than ketchup, which is a distant third. :laughing:

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So, basically just Chick-fil-A sauce. Which is super yum, BTW. Too bad they hate gay people, those corporate fuckers. All the people I’ve met working at Chick fil A restaurants are nice. It’s just that Uber Christian supremacy thing, ughhhhh. But the damn chicken! So good!

Too bad Hunt’s and Ken’s dressing didn’t team-up on this…and I’m still waiting on cat-tard to be a thing.

So I could make mustathousand Ketchupayo Island dressing?

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Not my kitchen, not my condiments.


All hail the Emperor of Frankensauces…





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