Sportsfans offered toilet-seat made of mystery meat & beer-cheese




Only twenty bucks!


How can you have any footie if you don’t seat your meat.


Seems perfect for a date… Each person starts at one end and end up with a kiss in the middle.


Apparently there defence is very good; a real impenetrable wall.


If kielbasa is a mystery to you, it’s time to leave your house for an afternoon and try some.


I could do everything but the bread.


No dark sarcasm, please.


This is just a sausage in a bun bent into the shape of a horseshoe, with cheese sauce. It looks more palatable than most stadium fare. If I was hungry I would happily share it with a friend and then exercise it off the next day.


“If you can tackle this one alone, you’re a champ, if by champ you mean coronary bypass patient.”


For all of you young’uns,
This is a horse collar:

It was placed on a horse as shown here:

I imagine that they are playing off something like a foo foo yellow-tail collar (sushi) that might be available at one of those fancy city-bound stadiums.


Have you noticed how Tramp gets Lady’s left over bit of spaghetti?


Not 'til now.


No 15-yard penalty for this horsecollar!


Now, let’s be fair. “Kielbasa” (or “Polish sausage”) isn’t nearly scary and/or shame-y enough for a 2014 Boing Boing headline. They need those clicks, you know!


Can I just say that I deeply do not get “food-shaming”? Or…whatever you want to call this silliness. It feels like, in the last five years or so, anyone with pretensions of class is required to publicly despise any food item that’s popular with the proles. Suddenly all the cool kids are blogging about their existential horror in the face of, like, the Olive Garden, and God forbid anyone should ever eat a taco (unless it’s from a ethnically-owned artisanal taqueria truck in the Mission District). It’s especially surreal and dissonant seeing this stuff alongside articles promoting equal treatment for the poor, condemning cultural appropriation, etc etc.

It’s a perfectly ordinary Polish sausage on a bun with cheese sauce. Settle down already.


Ordinary? :frowning:
I was hoping it was actually the size of a horse-collar. I could really go one of those right now.


I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s topped with "fried sauerkraut," and I think I need to try making that.


While you’re at it, try sauerkraut bhaji. Knock up a pakora/bhaji batter, stir in sauerkraut, deep-fry until golden. Bad, wrong and delicious.


My googling tells me “beer cheese” does not contain cheese.

Not sure I want to know what the “sausage” contains.