Kucinich is running for Ohio Governor, and he's promised to end fossil fuel extraction and sue Big Oil


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Yeah, those plans usually only work if you assume that the rate-payers and the city residents are two separate groups of people.


“For too long Big Oil has been used to benefit Big Oil and it is past time that it was used to actually help the American people.”

What could that possibly mean? The best thing I can imagine is lots of cheap gasoline, which isn’t much of a blessing at all.


Or maybe very expensive gasoline? Which would discourage its more thoughtless forms of use, as well as encourage the further development of other, less polluting modes of transport?


Perhaps he means to tax them at the same rate we tax our citizens.


I would rather they make the grid public and let power companies sell energy on it - it’s been super easy to get green energy in Texas becaus energy there is a market and a viable business doing it. Even the service on the grid can be semi-private or whatever so those providers can meet customer’s demands. What I currently don’t like is Texas-New Mexico who is profiting from the private service providers and being stingy on infrastructure development.


I’ll just leave this here. (from 2012)


another full time politician full of hot air and empty promises. Doesn’t know how to make things happen (four bills in 16 years?) Moves to another state / district when he can’t get elected again.


I thought that name sounded strangely familiar. Or am I thinking of someone else? Was there someone in a prominent leadership position, perhaps angling for the presidential nomination, who had a similar name?


You’ll note that it isn’t someone from his district claiming he won’t be missed. He wasn’t great at passing legislation because he was significantly left of the rest of Congress, but he was extraordinary at constituent services and knew how to work the media to get things done locally. Kaptur isn’t bad, but just about everyone in his district would rather have him back in Congress.


I struggled with working out how to pronounce his name, so I just thought of this guy.


The article brushes over the fact that Kucinich and other liberal Democrats got gerrymandered out by our Republican House of Representatives.

Ohio’s 9th district

The Buckeye State lost two House seats, and Republicans moved Democratic Reps. Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich into the same lakeshore district. But the two Democrats don’t exactly live next door to each other — more like 120 miles apart. So Republicans drew a thin district connecting their homes, stretching from west Cleveland to Toledo along the Lake Erie coastline. The district is connected by a bridge that’s only 20 yards wide, as well as by a single beach at one point. When Crane Creek State Park beach is covered during high water, Democrats argue the district is not even contiguous.

Kucinich was a liberal who was swimming against the tide, so had trouble getting his agenda passed. He then was forced to run in a district 120 miles from his home base.

Kucinich has his flaws, he was late to the pro-choice side, but in general he has good ideas and really has fought for them over the years.


And Among those ideas are the anti-vaxx movement and chemtrail conspiracies.

If he had trouble getting his agenda passed. It may have something to do with a lot of things he was pushing for at the national level being coo-coo bananas.


There’s a chance you’re thinking of John Kasich, the republican,

instead of Dennis Kucinich, the democrat,


Kucinich took runs at the presidency in both 2004 and 2008. His prominence nationally has fallen more recently but he was a pretty visible politician at the time.


Coo Sin Itch


He’s also an outspoken Trump supporter, so he can go fuck himself as far as I’m concerned.


He is? Do you have a citation for that?



Aw, my favourite band from the 1990s.


And as a bonus:

She missed out on the nomination though :frowning: