L.A. area sheriff needs your help reuniting this lost 15 pound bag of marijuana with its owner


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If no one claims the marijuana, all 15 pounds of it will be smoked by law enforcement agents.

But strictly for medicinal purposes.



“Yep, we eventually called in the deputies, and by the time they got there, there weren’t no buds left a-t’all, just a lot of trim.”


I’m curious what today’s trimmings might be potency-wise in comparison to the ditch weed ‘bud’ we had back in OH in the 80s. Uh, asking for a friend… (cough)


Seriously guys, haven’t you heard of composting?


What honest guys. I can’t say, that after finding three bags, I would have given both of them to the police.



This particular strain is twice as strong as your old ditch weed. This was ditched in a ditch. That’s two ditches. Know your dose.


California has legalized marijuana

So, I can see everyone & their brother coming out of the woodwork to claim this pot.:grinning:



Or bubble hash.


Reunited, and it feels so good.

  • Peaches and Herb


“I’m holding it for a friend”


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