LA auto dealer beats Donald Trump piñata on TV spot

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I will buy ANYTHING this guy wants to sell.


Best non-apology I’ve heard in a while. They walked that line pretty well, I reckon.


It could have been filled with Offal and Chitlins.


You legally can’t rape pinatas.


There’s no such thing as a Donald Trump piñata. A piñata has something people want inside.


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Why should Nissan apologize?

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I’m surprised no one has asked, or speculated:

What falls out of a Donald Trump piñata when you bust one open?

I’m guessing cigars, flashy guy-rings, miniature liquor bottles, orange hairs and a blast of hot, fetid air.


I will freely admit that I enjoyed that way too much!


They shouldn’t. Which is why that’s such a fine non-apology. (-:

Well, there is the baristry debacle, still boiling form the days when the crust was first cooling on the Internet. But that has nothing to do with smashing this fun shit filled piniata.

They shouldn’t, but they felt compelled to comment at a minimum. As a major corporation, it is pretty much impossible for them to get behind a couple of their dealers beating the crap out of an effigy of a public figure on an ad for their product.

I feel like they kind of came satisfyingly close though.

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The left’s visceral hatred of The Donald is starkly reminiscent of the right’s guttural hatred of Obama… (Ignoring the rampant racism/bigotry that’s the foundation for the latter and he facts that firmly support the former.)

Donald is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since, well, Obama.

I’ve heard the try to make it as realistic as possible and it’s filled with acidic bile harvested from a sixth-level cacodemon. Obviously not as potent as the secretions from The Great Orange One but it’s a good compromise.


Hmm, I don’t find the feelings they inspire in the other side reminiscent of each other at all. Never even occurred to me. Probably for the reasons you immediately went on to list.

ETA: I do agree that the Donald is doing tons to hurt the Republican brand.

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I don’t hate Donald. I love him! As you point out, the more rightwing nutballs embrace his idiotic blatherings the more likely we’ll elect another Dem for president.

I do see why Latinos would hate him.


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