LA County Sheriff, sworn to uphold the law, vows to violate County vaccine mandate

  1. Less than 1% of healthcare professionals are quitting due to vaccine mandates. Only a fraction of people classified as “healthcare professionals” are nurses or doctors. So, as @Mindysan33 points out, the nursing shortage has almost nothing to do with vaccine mandates. There was a nursing shortage before COVID, because the US was simply not training enough nurses. Same thing for physicians. COVID has just amplified that shortage. It should also be noted that many hospitals have given their “Healthcare Heroes” significant pay cuts due to the reduction in revenue-generating procedures during COVID surges.

  2. In Portland, a large proportion of police were taking early retirement or quitting before the vaccine mandates, and the most common stated reason, again, to @Mindysan33’s point, was because they were being told they couldn’t use the crowd control tools (CS gas, less-lethal rounds, military-grade pepper spray) that they abused against peaceful BLM protesters anymore.


This does not have to be a zero sum game. When I say community policing, I don’t mean Ring doorbells and NextDoor accounts. I’m talking about administration being made up of citizens, with an equitable mix of underrepresented folks.


I’ll tell you how it will go:
Villanueva will lose the election.
Then he’ll announce that the didn’t lose at all, the results do not count because [insert batshit rant of choice], and try to stay in office by all means open to him.


Citations needed for roughly 7 claims made in your post.
10 if I’m allowed to get really picky.

That’s got to be some sort of record.
Maybe there should be some sort of badge or pendant for it?


Besides, they are EXACTLY the stroppy buggers who think that the law doesn’t apply to them.


The number cited most frequently is roughly 70k healthcare workers opting to become unemployed over the vaccine. Sounds like a lot, until you realize that according to the US Census bureau there are 22 million HCWs out there, making a 99.6% vaccination rate overall. Obviously, that will vary dramatically by locale, but allowing a 0.4% vocal, irresponsible and self-absorbed minority to set policy is at best unwise. I am content to let them move on with their lives, in a job that puts others at less risk than healthcare.


At least someone is running against him. Frequently when Lee Baca was sheriff, his was the only name on the ballot.


No there isn’t. Police and Detectives : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Also nope, when you crunch the numbers in medicine it tends to be in the one percent range. There at least is a real preexisting shortage there, unlike cops.

The median salary for a cop is almost double the median salary for workers nationwide. Police and Detectives : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Average wages, median wages, and wage dispersion

Those other industries purpose isn’t to enforce the laws of a democratic system. The Sheriff’s job is exactly that.


Believe it or not, number of cops don’t really have much of a direct effect on crime rates. Certain, targeted policing can reduce some crime, but in general more cops doesn’t equal less crime. You can see these statistics in action with the crime in the 80s and 90s going steadily up, before steadily falling (and any uptick now, is still pale in comparison to 25 years ago and most likely a bump in a general downward trend). The reasons for crime are varied and external forces - not how many cops there are.

IMO if 5-10% if cops don’t want to take basic measures to protect the COMMUNITY they are part of - then I have to question their ability and motives of effectively policing their community.

Though I suspect that the actual number of people lost to vaccination mandates will be close to 1-2%. Many people say they will refuse, but if the rubber meets the road and they are actually going to lose their jobs over it, most people will capitulate.


I think where you and I messed up is assuming the meme meant the poster had some idea of what ending the monopoly on law enforcement looked like. And naturally assumed if the police weren’t a state run, public service, then it would be a private run one (the natural opposite). Using the word “customers” and “profit” seemed to suggest this as well.

But in this case, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, “Sometimes a meme is just a meme.”

Though I too am curious about and open to other policing models (while wary of the idea of a “private” police force, we think the cops serve the rich now), it seems most people here are just frustrated at the current system and venting, not proposing a viable alternative. Which is fine, one can be pissed at the current problems with out having the solutions.


In the long run, though, it makes a lot of sense to weed out the bad cops, and I’d be willing to bet that the kinds of people who refuse to get the vaccine are not the kind of people whom you’d want working as cops in the first place.

That’s what dogs are for.


That’s certainly how I interpreted it as well, and it seemed really strange coming from @Papasan. I would bet money that our interpretation of that comic is the original intent. It appears to be a Galt Society ad from the 1950s (or trying to mimic that style). Papasan clearly meant it a different way, but his intended meaning wasn’t clear to me from any of the follow ups.

A swing and a miss for all of us communication-wise.

Personally, I think there’s no such thing as a “government monopoly” because the government is us. People are suggesting community oversight, but that’s what government is. If the oversight is bad (as it clearly is), I think we need to find and fix whatever is broken. Creating new community oversight panels is creating another parallel government oversight which might help, or might just be corrupted again as local school boards are. There are no easy answers here, but I encourage people to remember how we got here- government oversight is all of us agreeing to keep an eye on things together.


Is one of the extra 3 the bit about them doing it “more quietly?” :joy:
Because I find that particularly hard to believe. It seems none of these plague rats* wants to be quiet about it at all.

*I know, it’s rude. They’re making me cranky.


Help is on the way!


I posted that to get the ball rolling towards a operational alternative police model for the USA. As of yet we’ve seen some interesting ideas, but nothing that will fly as a whole country model.

Now the meme: yes it is in the style of some fat right libertarian comic advertising from the way back that evokes some deep emotions. We can rest assured that we don’t have many folks on BB that found it palatable.

My deepest apologies for the kick to the internet shins.


We live in one of the over-policed societies in the developed world, in which the cops themselves regularly commit violent crimes with no accountability and even see themselves as being “at war” with the very public they are meant to serve.

More cops isn’t the solution.


“The issue has become too politicized…”

As he just politicized it!


Spoken like a true Mob Boss, since internal gangs are rampant within the LASD.
He obviously is Above The Law & has no fear of being brought to task.

And here you are, politicizing the issue

Fuck 'em. They have no right to be willfully spreading contagion amongst the population, since odds are, these same people also refuse to wear masks.
As far as I am concerned, the virus can’t remove 'em fast enough.

Since they [and you] refuse to follow orders, then just how can you be entitled to impose law enforcement on others? You & your ilk are waging biological warfare on the rest of us.
The coup continues…

Re: @Papasan’s gif…
Point 1: The only other ‘provider’ is implied to be a private entity, which would be far worse.
Damned if I want the likes of Blackwater goons patrolling the streets. Better to reform existing structures with items such as:
Independent review boards with teeth to hold cops accountable; have fines come out of the Union coffers.
Have cops live where they work, e.g.: if they work in the city, they have to reside in the city & not in the suburbs…
Revise the dress code. No more skinheads or buzz cuts.
Carrying a gun should be an earned privilege, after say, 5 years on the force.
Point 2: This seems to be a Libertarian talking point & can be ignored. Hell, my taxes currently pay for lots of shit I don’t like, so…
Plus, it uses the C word *.
Point 3: This wouldn’t change by privatizing the cops, especially since there are lots of towns that depend on revenue from tickets. The cops with the ‘warrior mentality’ need to be weeded out.

We don’t need nearly as many cops as we have because many situations would be better handled by mental health workers.

  • The C Word is ‘consumer’. It demeans us all with the implication we are parasites instead of the Producers, Creators, & Makers that drive the economy.

Yes, and YES again. All good ideas, now if we can get the Po Po Mafia to go along with it…


Aye, there’s the rub.
The PPM is very good at Fear-Based Propaganda, & it’s not difficult to predict their talking points in opposition to changes in the status quo.