Lady and deer stamp their feet at each other

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Mother told me not to play with my food…



Then I suppose it’s safe to guess that she wasn’t a cat.


Deer: “What kind of wacky fun-house mirror shit is this?? I gotta lay off those mushrooms the coyote’s been giving me…”


The full video that shows what happened when the woman started twerking was much more fun…


Yeah, it’s the other way around; this is common behavior when they see something out of the ordinary. To other deer who hear or feel the stamping, the message is probably like, “Be alert, yo; something’s fishy.”

Humanoids: quite fishy indeed. “Fishier and fisher!” cried the deer.

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So that is why Bambi is a stripper name.


Those bambis can hop a 2 metre fence. I think they could easily kick out a window if provoked. What does foot stamping mean in bambi-speak?

Good thing it isn’t the rutting season. I’ve heard of deer doing very aggressive and stupid things.

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My area is infested with deer, to the point where I found a fawn in the garage after I had left the door open for a while. Scared the bejesus out of each other. They’ll stomp at you every 5-10 seconds if you come upon them and they don’t feel like running just yet. This lady is just stomping along with him.

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Maybe he had his ear buds in and doing the Cha Cha Slide.

I believe it means “hey, you’re upsetting me, and I can slash the shit out of you with my fore-hooves”. Deer do this wicked (and pretty effective) upright windmilling with the front legs attack. A professor at my veterinary school was treating a deer in a pen when it decided it had had enough and did this. Slashed his forearm open quite nicely.

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Saw a video on Youtube of a deer doing that to a dog who got too close. Made me feel sick. Dumb dog should have just kept its distance, and the deer shouldn’t have been on the sidewalk of a busy street. They were all confused and out of their element.

Stamping their feet is an initial warning sound for deer; “somethings fucky”. Stamping your foot is a great way to coomunicate with deer in their language, and shorten the experience.

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